Writing a social content plan


Content, content and more content. The new buzz word in marketing. You’ll see the word dished out like freebies at a trade show, but what does it mean in this context? Well put simply, a content plan for social media is what you are going to update your feeds with. This is the business end of your social media, where you add value to your fan base and are the messages you send out about your brand.

Before you write your content plan you should be 100% clear on your goals. Do you want to generate traffic to a site? Grow your audience or up your engagement? Whatever it is you are trying to do, the content plan should be echoing these goals.

Give your content an opportunity to be seen and engaged with. Whilst I think it’s wrong to have a framework dictating how many times a day you should be posting, tweeting 5 – 10 times a day and updating your Facebook up to 4 times a day are both good figures to use as guidelines. Use your insights to understand when your following are most active and post accordingly. No generic rules here, it is a matter of determining when your fan base is most active.

Following on from this, make sure you are in the know with changes to the platforms you are using. Facebook in particular are always changing the way the brain behind it works which could lead to your content going missing on timelines. Following blogs like ours will help to keep you in the know as well as official blogs and news rooms.

If you have a good piece of content, don’t be afraid to back it up with paid advertising to encourage it to flourish. You want as many people as possible to see your good content. When I say a good, I mean content that is performing well.

Keep your content consistent with your brand. Nothing makes me angrier than seeing a strong brand, with content completely against its own image. I appreciate not all businesses have ‘brand guidelines’ as such so if you are in this position, think about the personality of your business and other marketing materials you have. Social content should reflect both.
So you understand these points and you are thinking great, let’s get going… where do I start?

Get yourself a word document with a 4 columned table with the headers Date, Time, Channel and Content. At first create one for the coming week and at the end of the week use insights to analyse the effectiveness of your content. Remember your analysis should be based on your initial goals.
As far as the content itself is concerned it can be made up of:
– Infographics (we love an infographic in marketing)
– URLS to your website, suppliers website, reviews or blog site
– Images either from the web or created in house. It is proven that images get higher engagement than text posts on both Facebook and Twitter
– Text posts – your standard post
– Video from Youtube or in house

If there is one piece of advice you take from this blog here it is: Content should add value to your fan base! After all, we are posting this because it adds value to you, the reader (yea I love the whole blogging thing too). Secondly, get your employees involved and let the ideas flow!

Take a look around social sites before you start writing to get inspiration from other brands. And remember to keep the conversation going when you receive a comment or tweet. It is SOCIAL media, remember.

I would love to hear your views on this article. Have you any tips creating a great social media content plan? By the way, isn’t the dog great?

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