What is Periscope and How Can Your Business Use It?


The live streaming app from the guys at Twitter has been a hit, celebrities have made the most of their hefty Twitter followings and give their fans a behind the scenes look at their lives and general day to day goings on.

But how can you and your business utilize its popularity to expand your reach online and promote your brand?


What is Periscope?

In short, Periscope is social streaming. It is an easy way to broadcast live video from your smartphone or tablet. Anyone who has the app can view your live stream, anywhere in the world.

It is linked up to your Twitter account, so anyone you follow who also has Periscope will appear on your app. You will get notifications when they start to stream too.

You can also leave real time live comments on the video too, but obviously the more people who are watching the stream and commenting, the less likely your comment is to get read.

There is also an option to re-stream, so watchers can forward it on to their followers, potentially creating a viral stream.

The live aspect of Periscope makes things more interesting, more real.


What can you stream?

You can literally stream anything and everything and it can be used by any type of business. Giving a good insight to your audiences will give them a behind the scenes look at what goes on, but there are lots of different ways you can use Periscope to your advantage.

Here are few ideas that are designed to help with engagement. With Periscope you will be able to reach out to your audience and initiate a two way conversation in a completely different way.


Q&A Sessions



You could air an interview between business partners, or possibly celebrities or people of note to really gain interest. You could also do a question and answer session with your followers.


Live Support

Is there an issue that keeps cropping up? Are people constantly querying over Twitter? Well why not answer them all in one hit with a live stream on Periscope. Then any follow up questions they may have can be asked and answered over the service.


Live Focus Groups

Customer’s opinions matter when it comes to your business, so why not set up a live focus group? Whether you need some feedback on a new logo or are wanting thoughts on an idea proposal, these insights could prove invaluable.


Live product demonstrations

If you have a new product to launch, you could build excitement and anticipation through Periscope and do a live reveal.


Behind the scenes & live tours



Why not give your followers a look at how things work behind the scenes. No matter your business, there will be interesting workings that people would love to get a look at. People can get involved with the story of your business and will give people the chance to see a different side to your team and company.


Follow people and network

Follow people who could potentially be interested in your services. Follow the people who follow you, follow your clients and expand your network through live streaming.


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