What does the Google-Twitter deal mean for marketers?


Thanks to a new deal between Google and Twitter tweets will become visible in Google’s search results as soon as they’re posted. Basically, the deal gives Google automatic access to the stream of content being poured out by Twitters 284 million users. Here are 3 things you need to know as a marketer.

Real time marketing

The steady advance towards real time marketing continues with greater intensity now as the lag between when a tweet is posted and when it appears in google search results is shortened. Limited time or event related offers can now be seen by anyone searching for a company and not just its twitter followers. If you’re not already investing in a dedicated social media team or agency you’re missing out on valuable real time results.

Search and social

As social becomes more important in search results the whole landscape of search marketing (or SEO) will continue to change. The landscape is steadily becoming more complex with results being drawn from social sites such as Pinterest, Facebook and Twitter and so marketers will have to get to grips with these different platforms and decide which is best for their brands.

It doesn’t necessarily mean more followers

The extra exposure now possible does not necessarily mean you’ll be racking up more followers. For a while now Twitters cultural influence has been strong – for example, hashtags entering the general vocabulary, tweets being read out on the news – but its userbase has remained relatively small compared to its own goals and largest rival anyway.

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