We caught up with; our very own Laura!


I grabbed Laura for a quick interview about all things social. Check out what my ‘social media big sister’ had to say.

1. In order of preference what are your top 5 social networks and why?
Facebook – Good way to share news visually and keep up to date with friends, businesses, brands and entertainment.
Vine – Purely for the humour and entertainment value. I wish more brands would adopt a social strategy which included Vine.
Pinterest – The best way to search images and store visual inspiration for fashion, fitness and home decor.
Twitter – Great for random conversations with people you may not know and keep up to date with current affairs and breaking news.
Whatsapp – I don’t text anymore I Whatsapp!

2. You manage loads of client pages, keeping them up to date and fresh. Do you have any tips?
Always start the day by looking at your top content sources, this has to be priority otherwise distractions will get in the way. Great sources of content are Reddit, spike.newswhip.com, Upworthy and Viralnova. I apply the rule ‘plan the work and work the plan.’ Make sure you have a strategy for social media so you are giving your customers what they want rather than shouting what you’d like them to hear.

3. What big brand pages do you like and why?
Asos as they don’t stick to fashion and celebrities. They’ve thought about what their audience will be entertained by rather than just selling products consistently.

4. What’s your social media golden rule?
Think of your most important client and keep them in mind when posting in content. How would they respond to this? Would they be engaged? Remember it’s quality not quantity!

5. What free social media tools would you recommend?
Manage Flitter for unfollowing people on Twitter.
Buffer for posting content on Facebook, Twitter and Linked In.
Hootsuite for managing customer service.

Thanks Laura!

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