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Our ‘we caught up with’ series of blog posts will interview a variety of professionals; from social media managers to small business owners and more. This week we caught up with hairdressing industry expert and editor Nicky Pope, who runs a highly successful hairdressing magazine, blog and events business.
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My business:
At IHAA Ltd we work at making the big world of professional hairdressing a bit smaller and better linked. Britain has a strong, healthy industry which is well regarded globally. We provide hairdressers and artistic teams for shows and seminars both here in the UK and now across Europe – anywhere we’re asked. Fixing up the right person with the right event, organising the logistics and the production of shows at times, too. We also publish an online magazine for professional hairdressers in the form of a blogsite (created so that pages are never-ending and you can scroll through a subject), with a regular e-newsletter and social media to signpost. We know we have readers/visitors from all over the world.

Where has social media made the biggest impact?
Using Twitter and Facebook in particular, with some Instagram, we can reach thousands of hairdressers with messages and conversations and draw them onto the respectyou.me blogsite. We also find social media invaluable for promoting events and literally selling tickets i.e. the marketing opportunities are awesome. Plus you can build a community – a sense of belonging and demonstrate the personality of a brand on social media.

Who updates the pages?
Two of us in particular – we divide up the roles of managing the social media, then update pages for clients.

Any tips?
Don’t oversell on social media… include plenty of ‘chat’ and conversation with your followers. Ensure they get something from you, as well as you asking them to ‘buy’ into your marketing messages
Be clear on the tone of voice you give your brand, e.g. very slang, very upbeat, or more formal and factual?

What brand pages do you like?
Pages which are fun and easy to use but very attractive include..

FB or Twitter?
Has to be twitter but only if linking to somewhere like a site… or even a print magazine. Twitter alone is too vague.

Want to keep up to date with them?
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/respecthair
Twitter: @respecthair
Blog: respectyou.me

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