Useful Facebook Page Management Tools

Useful Tools for Facebook Management

Sometimes even the most productive, hard working, super human of a social media manager needs a helping hand. Today, we’re going to be that helping hand! Here’s a list of some useful Facebook page management tools.

Create an Extra Monitoring System

Hyperalerts is a really useful tool, to help you never miss a thing on your Facebook. It notifies you via email about certain alerts depending on how you customize them. This includes comments or messages, as well as who’s posting, among a range of other things.

If you wanted an overview of all posts that page admins publish throughout the week, you can set up an alert and get a report emailed to you every week.

Hyperalerts also has the ability to monitor competitors Facebook pages. It identifies the sort of content other pages are sharing and what interaction they’re getting. It sends you an email with posts and comments from your competitors’ page. You can now keep a track on your competitors more than ever before.



Add Functionality

Facebook page tabs help to provide extra functionality and you can also customize them. You can set up custom tabs for email signups, offers, podcasts, webinar registrations and more.

You can also use Facebook tabs to share content from your other social profiles too. It enables you to show your latest tweets, videos from YouTube or even Pinterest boards.

ShortStack is a third party service which offers easy-to-use templates, you can also build your own.



Create Engaging Images

Social should be used creatively! Visual content is extremely important on any platform and one way to get users attention is by creating your own edited images. However you may not necessarily have the access to Adobe Photoshop. Canva is a great free online alternative.

There are a number of templates for a range of uses. There’s all you need to create engaging Facebook cover photos, info-graphics or images to support articles. You are also able to upload your own images or logos and there are stock photos available too.



Find Trending Hashtags

Do you know what a Hashtag is? How about its history? Yes? Good. Cross-platform hashtag searches can help you see which hashtags are trending and which match your social marketing plan. You can compare Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Vine. One of the easiest ways to do this is through Tagboard. It can easily help you find people of influence you want to connect with, as well as the latest viral and up to date topics that you will be able to cover.


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