Three Facebook Call-To-Action tips. Read it now!


The Call-To-Action (CTA) is arguably the most important piece of a Facebook Ad and so you have to nail it. Simply, the CTA is what convinces people to click you ad. It’s the ‘Follow Us’, the ‘Read It Now!’ and the ‘Buy Now’.

Use an action word

Think of your CTA is a command, it needs to be forceful and it has to motivate your audience.

Follow Us

We had great success adding ‘Follow us’ to the end of our ads.


Place it at the end

Following on from that first tip we suggest that you put your CTA’s at the end of your ads. Some might disagree (and if it works for you then that’s great!) but we’ve had far greater success using CTA’s at the end of our ads.


Keep it short and simple

  • Buy now.
  • Follow us.
  • Read now.

These CTA’s have no ambiguity, they’re a no-nonsense command. Slightly longer but still effective would be:

  • Boost Your Email Opt-Ins
  • Close More Email Leads
  • Lose Weight Faster

These are more specific to your brand and content but have great success too.

These quick tips will really improve your Facebook ad results. If Facebook is your thing then check out all the latest news and our tips for getting the most out of marketing there.

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