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Vine is essentially Twitters baby and has taken the social media world by storm. There are some impressive user statistics which include the most downloaded app from the App Store in April 2013 and a user base of over 40 million. But what exactly is it?

Vine allows users to to record 6 second videos which are continually on a loop – each video is called a Vine. Like Twitter, you build a timeline of other peoples Vines by following them and you can Revine (retweet) and favourite other peoples Vines too. The short nature of the videos breeds some fantastic creativity and content from everyday users and brands alike. You are bound to find a Vine which makes you go ‘wow’ within 5 minutes of using the app. The basic layout and functionality is very similar to Twitter, with Vines rather than Tweets.

The main competitor to this app is Instagram, which offers a longer video length of 15 seconds. On the surface you would assume the longer video length instantly puts them at an advantage over Vine, but the culture surrounding the use of these apps is different so they have taken on their own personalities. The quick nature of Vine reflects the instant nature of Twitter as much as Instagram reflects the more content based Facebook. There is room for both of these platforms on a basic social media users smartphone, that’s for sure.

Big brands have faith in this app with Xbox, Mcdonald’s and Oreo amoung the big boys to be active. But should Vine fit into SME’s social strategy?

I can see this working for a B2C business,targeting a younger audience in a creative industry – hairdressing for example. This app is a great source of self made marketing content for minimal cost, providing it is used effectively. Vine videos often go viral and end up on countless timelines so if you are looking grow your audiences, a Vine maybe worth paying to promote on the bigger social networks. Vines will play automatically in Twitter and as you would expect, the 2 platforms integrate easily.

Let us know what you think? Have you tried Vine as a brand or on a personal level?

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