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Probably the most famous ‘other’ social media site, the Facebook owned Instagram is taking the world by storm, one picture at a time.

The best way I can describe Instagram is Twitter for pictures and seeing as Twitter are always telling us image tweets get more engagement, this platform should be great. Users can take pictures or upload previous ones to Instagram and follow their friends and/or celebrities to see their pictures too. You an also Instagram videos, which is significantly longer Vine, arguably it’s competitor.

It has been reported on numerous sites that Instagram has an even split in gender use (51% male / 49% female) and 41% of users being 16 – 24.

The platform is certainly moving from strength to strength with a reported growth of 25% in users over first 5 months of 2014. I can certainly understand this as there isn’t a lot to dislike. Whilst the capabilities from a marketing perspective are limited compared with that of Facebook, it is wonderfully simple and engagement tends to be higher than an ordinary Facebook post or tweet. I can’t back that up with facts, but scroll down your average Instagram feed and Facebook timeline and you’ll get my point.

Bad points from a marketing perspective are the lack of call to action abilities. Pictures do not link anywhere, which leads it to being a bit like outdoor advertising just on your phone. There is no sophisticated back end brain to the software yet, but I can’t imagine that being to far away considering Facebook paid over $700 million for the platform.

Personally, I can’t see a B2B business being able to make Instagram successful, but I can see B2C’s making this a key weapon in their social armoury. There are already personal accounts which have built up massive followings and are charging companies to advertise on their feed, though I can imagine the mechanics of that being a tad old school.

Good feeds to follow;
_Londons_Very_Own_Ken – You will see targeted advertising and a large follower base
Vans and Audi are also great pages to have a look at from a brand perspective.

Would like to know more? Have an advertising story about Instagram? We would love to hear from you…

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