The 4 things your business must do on Tumblr!


Tumblr is no longer just for bloggers. If you are really serious about running a thorough social media strategy which covers all the basis then Tumblr needs to be an arm you really explore. If you have feared using the teen orientated website before you shouldn’t any longer. 420 million people now use the platform with over 900 posts generated every second.

Once you have set up your blog and followed our simple to use Tumblr set up tips and how to utilize their audience, it’s time to make Tumblr a key part of your social media strategy. Here are 5 things your business must do on Tumblr if you want a successful page.

#1 Connect with those in your industry

By looking at engaging with your competition you can get a great insight to what works and doesn’t work. Tumblr tags are great way of finding content which is proven to work within your industry. If you are not sure which of your competitors are on the site, find them by browsing the the right directory on the Tumblr+Brands page.

If you want to build a relationship other brands you can like or reblog their content. Just be sure not to promote their brand before your own.

#2 Create different blogs for each campaign

If you are serious about using Tumblr to promote your brand or service then you should consider creating new blogs for each arm of your marketing strategy.

Use one for a Christmas offer or campaign or one for a special sale on a product. This way you can keep your primary blog as an inviting face for the company. You can then link back to your other pages, to send traffic when you want it at the time.

#3 Keep track of you Tumblr audiences

Like all social media, Tumblr has all the indicators you need to keep track of how successful your chosen targets are. You can use reblogs, likes and followers numbers to get a good idea of how well your blogs are performing.

Make sure you don’t just see these numbers as superficial, by seeing whether or not reblogged content, content generated by your customers, or content created by your brand works best, you will know what to post in the future. For a even more detailed look, make sure you check out Google Analytics for Tumblr

#4 Use Tumblr ads

If you experience some success of Tumblr, your business should really think about Tumblr ads and how to monetize your Tumblr page further. Advertising on Tumblr has pluses that are missing from other social networks, firstly because it is owned by Yahoo your ads will also feature across other Yahoo properties expanding your reach across multiple platforms all for the price of one.

In a recent study by the Adobe Digital Index Mobile Benchmark Report showed that Tumblr has the highest revenue per visit referral on smartphones and tablets; higher than Facebook and Twitter. Tumblr has also recently launched video ads that will automatically play when scrolled onto. Use this to show off your brands creative side and on a site which is very image heavy it is something that will if done cleverly, definitely make your brand stand out.


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