The 3 video styles you have to master to succeed on Vine!


The actual Vine app may not be as popular as it once was but the 6-second medium that it created is still thriving like never before. It has been accepted by all forms of social media, not just it’s mother-ship Twitter. Even if your presence on the app isn’t as prominent as other social outlets you should still be using it to generate content for marketing purposes.

An infographic from SurePayroll claims that from next year over half all online content will be video and as attention spans continue to decrease you will need to make shorter and sharper videos to get ahead.

While some Vines fail to get the attention they wanted, there are 3 styles of video that are guaranteed to get your brand videos shared over and over again. If you can balance these 3 styles within a content marketing strategy then you will be on the road to success!!

1. How-To Video

By showing people how to use your product, not only are you giving the entire 6 seconds to promoting your product but you are also delivering your audience value content. How-to videos are also an excellent way of demonstrating how your brand and product can solve a problem the people who watch your Vine may have.

Even if you don’t offer a ‘product’ then you can try and teach your audience a new skill or trick. This sort of value first content is great for customer retention.

A great example of fun and entertaining spin on the how-to video is this beautiful stop-motion campaign called “Lowe’s Fix In Six”

2. Put your brands spin on a recent or historical event

These videos almost always go viral because of how relatable they are. Take an event, whether its a sporting event, movie or even a news item (keep it light) and recreate it or parody it using your brands identity.The trick with this style of video is to make sure you pick something so recognisable that it can be identified within 6 seconds.

Another huge plus of using this style is that the #relatable is hugely popular on Vine, so make sure you drop that in somewhere in the description to boost views and shares!

Here is Dunkin Donuts recreating SuperBowl 25’s last minute missed field goal using coffee cups!

3. Creative Product Use

One step better than the how-to video is to show your audience how your products can be used in lots of different ways. By inventing interesting ways that your product can be used or implemented into their daily routine, you open up your product to even to be wanted more.

If you can show the world that your product is multi-functional then more people will want it. This may be hard to implement with some products but try to be fun and inventive and your audience will appreciate your effort.

Food products work really well in these videos, look at the way Oreo use it in their “Snack Hacks” campaign, where they show alternate ways of using their cookies:

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