5 things to avoid on Twitter


Many of us think of Twitter as a magical land full of hash tags and trending stories which enlighten our everyday routines. Funny content, news stories, business updates or a local police force sharing a funny crime, it really has the lot.

Many businesses are making some key mistakes and going against what I would describe as Twitter etiquette. Here are a few things the team have noticed on our travels which don’t exactly make us too please;

Too many hash tags
#SomePeoplePut #SoMany #HashTags #InTheirTweets #ThatYouStruggleToSeeTheSubject of the tweet itself. Quite simply, it’s annoying and not great practice to follow. Hash tags (like tequila) have their place, but don’t over do it. As a guide, two trending or brand consistent hash tags are more than enough.


Automatic direct messages

I shall refrain from the rant I wish to go on and keep this simple. Automated direct messages are not effective on twitter at all. Your average twitter user will not check their direct messages and very rarely will they use this function at all. No one cares about them, so don’t waste your time on an automatic direct message sender. A CRM professional would describe them as spam and you don’t want to be spamming your someone who has bothered to follow you. Phew, controlling the rant was tough but I managed it…

Trying to cater for too many people

Stick to what you’re good at. People have followed you for information or updates about your businesses field. A florist tweeting about live football scores isn’t going to fill their typical followers with much joy. If you are a Florist, stick to flowers. If you are in aviation, stick to planes. If you are in…. well you get my point.

Fill in your profile, completely

Make sure you have an appropriate profile picture and a proper profile description. The dreaded egg is not going to build any willingness to interact with page (people will think it’s a fake account) and your description is an easy way to introduce new followers to your brand.


Asking for a follow back

A bit cringe, don’t you think? Let your page grow with good practice, you don’t need to beg for followers.

A keen Tweeter? What are you pet hates?

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