Ten of the best Facebook apps you’ve probably never heard of

Ten of the best Facebook apps you’ve probably never heard of

Almost all of us at some time or another have quite frankly lost our rag at the seemingly never ending stream of Candy Crush and Farmville invites, but many people may not know that there is a whole world of Facebook apps out there.

These are not the generic in game purchase Clash of Clans style games, they are really useful apps for everything from internet safety to good causes to simple but humorous e-cards. These tools work on the desktop version of Facebook and fulfil a number of functions both productive and unproductive. Here are 10 of the best apps to improve your Facebook experience.

#1 Causes

This app will unleash your inner activist and allow you to share your ideas with other likeminded people to raise awareness of issues you’re passionate about. You can create a campaign and the app will help you gain supporters for any number of causes. You can also support campaigns by donating or signing petitions and it all can be shared on your wall so everyone can see how good you are.

#2 Skype Video Calling

If you’re away from home or just want to keep in contact with someone who is, then the Video Calling app is a great download for you. You don’t need a Skype account and it’s as simple as clicking the camera logo next to the person’s name in your chat list. You can even do it if one of you doesn’t have a camera.

#3 Ecwid

This is a great app if you’re trying to build a business on Facebook. You can install an ecommerce store and embed it onto your business Facebook page. For smaller businesses there is a free version that works to help you build your business. It’s mobile friendly and works lots of payment services like Google and Paypal to make sure the transactions are seamless.

#4 Norton Safe Web

An app perfect for home and work, the Norton Safe Web will scan any highly suspicious looking links posted on your wall. This is a great but simple way to stop malware or identity theft from simply clicking on the wrong thing. You can also have it constantly running in the background ready to warn you at any moment.

#5 Band Profile

With its millions of users, Facebook has blown Myspace out of the water when it comes to promoting music. Using the Band Profile app, you can build a page for your band from garage hero’s to headline acts they have you covered. The app lets you put a music player on both your profile and fan page for your fans to listen to.

#6 Someecards

Now this is one of the apps we meant when we mentioned unproductive earlier, but everyone needs to procrastinate a little bit. E-cards have become a huge meme over the past few years, with their easy to consume funny style, they’re a great way to waste hours online. From extremely important to utterly pointless and normally NSFW Someecards has the best around and with the app you can easily share them with all your friends.

#7 PiZap

A simple to use photo editing app, PiZap doesn’t use an external editor so it’s all in one place for you to edit and upload from your desktop. There are great features as well which allow you to do a range of edits, from simple touch-ups to collages, all the things these millennials are doing with their photos now.

#8 Pipe

Pipe has literally changed the game when it comes to sending large files on Facebook. Before it sending a 1GB file was pretty much impossible. Now with Pipe you can send the largest files you have, from feature films to almost limit less audio. The app will allow you to send files to anyone online and if you both have the app, files can be stored for offline pickup for up to three days.


Changing the way you use Facebook events forever. No longer will you rely on being invited to things you have no intention of going to in some far flung just because your friends are trying to generate traffic. HUGECITY syncs to your Facebook page and displays a map of local events that are currently happening around your city at any given time. It boasts over five million events at the moment so there is bound to be one near you.

#10 SongPop

Last one for all you procrastinators out there we know we said there was more to Facebook apps than just games but we had to include one. SongPop is fun way to show off your musical knowledge. It’s great way to battle friends online and show your Facebook that you remember that obscure track from the seventies.

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