Goodbye Nokia


Microsoft recently announced the Nokia brand will be no more. The tech giant plans to brand all phones moving forward as Microsoft phones, for example the Microsoft Lumia.

This is a sad day, well for me anyway. A massive part of my early experience of the mobile phone was on a Nokia of some description but at least the company is going peacefully (unlike Woolworths and Blockbuster who appeared to crumble into the abyss).

So what did Nokia do well?

World domination in the late 90’s? Perhaps. Consistently producing cheap handsets? Yes. The 3210? That is mobile royalty! All these great things, can be topped by one great invention;


Oh yes! The legendary game which put mobile gaming on the map. Snake was a mobile users dream, from kids borrowing mums phone to the daily commuter raking up the hours. What better way to spend your spare time chasing a dot around with a line, making sure the line doesn’t pump into itself. Simple, but effective and of cause legendary.

Unfortunately prior to Microsoft buying them, Nokia were not cutting it in the modern market. The N Gage in 2003 never set the world alight and from here, the company went on a downward slope, whilst the likes of Apple and Samsung were moving in like a pair of vultures. As Nokia fell, the 2 new birds were gathering strength and the mobile phone market was becoming more saturated than the fat in my Friday night chips.

Having owned a Nokia Lumia, it never really stood up to the Android or Apple offerings and always felt like I was missing out.


Who knows whether this move will work from a business perspective but the killing of a legend is a big decision to make. Let’s hope this a success for Microsoft, there is room for another major player in the market who can compete at the top level. Admittedly though you can’t help think they are currently the ugly duckling with the 2 major players in this market.

Thanks Nokia, you were the best!


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