Tools of the trade


Social bump was built to fill an important gap in the market.

There were plenty of platforms that will schedule posts to your fanpages, but none of them had all the tools you needed to truly manage them.

Our company owns and operates more than 10 million fans across over 100 fan pages and it used to be to impossible to truly give each page the attention it needed to blossom and grow.

That’s where social bump came in. We can now schedule entire weeks worth of posts in just minutes. We can scientifically collect and post the best content that is proven to engage our fans, we can run really intensive campaigns with lots of posts and then delete them simultaneously from the all our pages in seconds!

We can see at a glance which pages are doing well, and which pages need our attention, we can also analyse the stats of competitor pages and see what is working for them.

Social Bump really has been designed and built from the ground up to satisfy a need, it has allowed us to focus on the bigger picture and not get tied down updating fan pages all day.

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