Snapchat’s New Updates Look Set to Be a Hit

Snapchat Emoticons

The image messaging service Snapchat, has recently rolled out some new updates on iOS and Android, and it looks like they’re going to be pretty popular.

Everyone loves emojis and there are a host of new ones on the way soon. With this new update you can add loads of them to your snap. You can move them around the screen and change the size of them too.

They can be found under a new icon next the “T” text icon. Click this and an emoji keyboard will appear.




Another feature that has been added is ‘Travel Mode’, which will lower the amount of mobile data the app uses. When you view video from your contacts “stories” you’ll have to tap each one for them to play whenever the phone isn’t connected to Wi-Fi.

It can be found by going to:  Settings > Manage > Travel Mode.




Trophy Cabinet has also introduced, although no one knows why.

When you go to your profile, an arrow now appears which allows you to click up. You’ll find the Trophy Case, which includes random emojis.




When you click on them, it gives you tasks to do, which suggests that Snapchat might be about to introduce a game element to it. Keep an eye out for this!

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