Six Pinterest Tips & Features You Might Not Know About

Six Pinterest Tips & Features You Might Not Know About

With an audience of 70 million users Pinterest is a not a network to ignore. If you’re a little unsure about how to use Pinterest to its full potential we’ve got some tips and features to help you out.

1. When posting to Pinterest you can also post it to Facebook and Twitter at the same time. This obviously increases the reach of the content you’re posting but also advertises your other networks to different audiences.

2. You can change a board’s cover using ‘edit’. Make sure you pick something eye catching and related to what the board is promoting.

3. Use Pinterest for yourself! If you’re interested in something follow it as an interest, you’ll find and share great content and ensure your profile is active and involved.

4. Find great new boards and pinners. In your day-to-day use of Pinterest you’ll come across loads of great content, boards and Pinners, but if you want more you can always go hunting. You can find Related Boards on mobile and tablet by holding your finger over a board you like and sliding to the lightbulb icon. To see Related Boards with pins similar to yours, search your board name under the ‘boards’ filter and your board should be at the top. Hold and slide to the lightbulb and away you go!

5. Find out what’s Pinned from your site. If you go to you can see what has been shared from your site.

6. Don’t use shortened links! When linking your Pins to your site use the full URL and not shortened links.

With those in mind it’s time to get Pinning! Don’t forget, if you need help we’re here. Get in touch for social media expertise.

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