Pinterests Aids Consumer Choice


A new study shows that most Pinners have made a purchase based on their pins, proving that Pinterest plays a large role in influencing peoples buying habits.

Millward Brown released a study to prove this. According to their research, most Pinners have bought something before on Pinterest and are using the platform to think about what they’re looking to purchase in the coming months.

They analyzed survey responses from more than 2,000 people. Out of those who have actively used Pinterest within the last 6 months:

96% have used Pinterest to research and gather information

93% have used Pinterest to plan for purchases

87% have purchased something because of Pinterest.



Pinterest is definitely a tool that businesses should utilize in terms of reaching potential consumers. People use Pinterest to curate a vision of their ideal self, with the study finding that 47% of active Pinterest users are likely to have a major life event within the next 6 months.

Millennials especially, are likely to plan ahead of major life events, so the right time for a brand to make its way into the consumer’s life is when they are planning for the future. Whether they’re about to get married, buying a home, taking a holiday or looking at the latest technology. They’re telling you what they’re about to do and are much more receptive to new brands and ideas at these times.

Using Pinterest to elevate and promote your brand, means that your products and services are able to help consumers future plans come to life.

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