The 3 video styles you have to master to succeed on Vine!


The actual Vine app may not be as popular as it once was but the 6-second medium that it created is still thriving like never before. It has been accepted by all forms of social media, not just it’s mother-ship Twitter. Even if your presence on the app isn’t as prominent as other social outlets you should still be using it to generate content for marketing purposes.


4 tips to help you launch your product using Facebook!


Gone are the days of launching a product simply by unveiling the product in front of your store to a small crowd of people. A ribbon and giant pair of scissors are no long needed, what is required is the ability to create a buzz and get the word out to the right people and Facebook is the perfect place to do it. In order to generate the hype your require your product launch has to planned in detail, with plenty of thought and good content. To help you do this Facebook has tons of tools that will make your product


Could you be denied a loan due your Facebook friends?


There’s an old saying that a man (or woman) is known by the company they keep. Well that quasi-philosophical quote is getting a web 2.0 makeover! Facebook are looking to roll out a new tool that judges whether you’re loan-worthy based on your mates.


4 steps you have to take to develop a successful LinkedIn content strategy!


Whether you are new to using LinkedIn or have been on the site for years, as a business it is so important to have a strong a detailed content strategy in order to maximize the exposure of your content on LinkedIn! If you’ve not thought this through or if your current approach just isn’t working then here are 4 steps you have to take to develop a successful LinkedIn content strategy!


5 apps that will make you appear funnier on social media!


Social media is now full of more banter and funny pages then ever before and it seems that in order to get a head in the industry you have to be full of witty one liners, memes and sarcastic remarks. Even if your brand is selling something completely unfunny, you still need to put a humorous twist on what you’ve got to sell in order to generate and sort of attention. But how do you go about flexing your funny bone? We may have something to help.