News flash! Instagram is making movements


According to a blog written by Instagram CEO, it now has a bigger monthly active user base than Twitter (based on Twitters Q3 figures). A pretty big deal if you ask me!

Facebook and Twitter are widely known as the big boys, but now one of Facebook’s little brothers is packing a serious punch! 300 million active monthly users is the figure announced, which is up 100 million since March and importantly 25 million more than Twitter announced in Q3.

But what does this mean for your business?

Instagram isn’t exactly business friendly for now, but will be in the future. Instagrams main user base is 18 – 24, which isn’t exactly where the money’s at in most cases, but that does depend what you are trying to sell. You’ll get a better balance in demographic on Twitter as it’s the more mature platform. There is nothing like Twitter, it’s unique and many of our clients are actively building business relationships through it. Anyone abandoning Twitter and opening an Instagram account based on this news – STOP! It’s ok, Twitter is still useful.

It’ll be interesting to see where both these platforms go from here. For Instagram (and ultimately Facebook and Mr Z) it’s massive news and congratulations to them. I am a big fan of Instagram, it’s the platform I use the most socially. For Twitter I don’t think the news is too much of a hammer blow but it does show they need to continue to develop the product for users to grow their fan base.

What do you think?

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