New Facebook Features For Business You Need To Know


Are you up to date with all of the latest Facebook updates?

Some of the most recent updates on the social networking site could have a big impact on your business. Below we have a run through of some of the most important updates that are likely to effect your business.

Encourage Your Fans to Use the See First Option

Facebook now allows people to customize their news feed to make sure that updates from certain friends, groups and pages are prioritized. Fans will be able to prioritize your posts so they see your content more regularly.

Educate your audience on how to see your posts first in their newsfeed.

To access the See First option, go to the Facebook page, click the Liked button and select the see first option.



Check Out Upgrades to Facebook Conversion Tracking

If you’re using website conversion ads or retargeting, then you will already be aware of the two types of pixels you place on your website to track these events and audiences.

A new custom audience pixel combines these features into one pixel. This is supposed to help the stats be more accurate.

You should eventually change to the new upgraded code. Place the code on your website, adding some code on certain pages you want to track and then remove the old pixels.



Watch for Lead Ads

There is a test that Facebook are doing which should make it easier to fill in contact information on mobile devices.

If users respond to an ad for a newsletter, report or more information, they can submit contact information easily with two taps of a button.

Lead ads are only available for certain businesses for testing at the moment, so keep an eye out for when this is available on a wider scale.

av-facebook-lead-ads (1)


Get a Facebook Beacon for Your Local Business

The Facebook Beacon sends information to people who are on Facebook near local businesses with their Bluetooth turned on.

It allows you to send a welcome message as well as recommendations from friends who have visited the store.

It is a great way to increase the visibility of your local business. It might lead to more people just dropping in as they’re walking past.

For more information about Facebook Beacon click here.



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