Marketing to Millennials

Marketing to Millennials

If you’re trying to get to an audience aged under 25 then social media is an obvious route to go. Want to know why? Want to know how? Lets take a look.

Kicking off with the why here are a few:

  • Millennials check their smartphone about 45 times a day
  • They are 56% more likely to find branded content on social networks than search engines
  • 5 out of 6 millennials claim they connect with companies through social media networks
  • Facebook is the most popular platform for content in the UK (52%), YouTube and Twitter are a close a second
  • Millennials prefer content that can be adjusted to fit their taste.
  • Millennials claim that rate of response is most important when communicating with brands, preferring instant gratification approaches like online technical support though chat

Now here are a few hows:

  • Place ads on the networks they use more frequently – so targeted ads in their Twitter feed are better than Facebook
  • Promote yourself on networks like Snapchat, Vine and Instagram
  • Following on from the above, promote yourself on those networks with great content. Tailor what you’re sharing to your audience, match their interests and their style.
  • When creating content make it sharable.
  • Ensure everything is mobile friendly. Your content will most likely be seen on a mobile device or tablet, it’s practically useless if it’s not optimised for that.

If you need help targeting specific demographics or using different social networks, get in touch, we love to talk social media.

5 Tips for Marketing to Millenials

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