Instagram’s website just got a whole lot better with new search feature


Despite being primarily a mobile and tablet app, Instagram has finally started to improve its desktop format by adding the recently overhauled search feature.The new search will allow web users to search for specific accounts, hashtags and locations easier than ever before.


This update is huge sign that Instagram hasn’t given up on the site like many had thought. With the improved search, when you look for locations, hashtags or specific accounts you will get a an overview of how popular that particular hashtag is.

Although the website still isn’t as packed with features as the Instagram app, users will now be able to see location geotags which will redirect to a new page which shows the top performing posts for the location based on the number of likes.


The company say that the update is bringing the website in line with the app and will increase the users experience as it makes it easier for web users to browse and discover photos. Before the update the only way you could find a photo on was through a direct link, on a users feed or browsing pages for a certain hashtag.


It seems a case of better late than never with this update, embedded Instagram posts created more than 5 billion impressions in June alone, so its about time Instagram improved its site. By giving users more ways to find content, it will improve the experience and increase engagement with the website.

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