Instagram Launches New App – Layout

Instagram's NEW App - Layouts

Hats off to Instagram – they noticed a trend on their network and have created their own app to support it. In this case, users were using third-party apps to create collages of their photos before posting them. Now users will be able to create these pictures grids using Layout.

A cat collage using Layout. We like Cats.

A cat collage using Layout. We like Cats.

The app is currently only available on the iPhone but an android version is apparently on the way.

Using the app you can select or take up to nine photos and then arrange them in a variety of layouts. The collage can then be posted directly to Instagram or Facebook, or saved on the camera roll (or cloud).

Annoyingly you can’t post straight to Twitter, but of course there’s a workaround. If you save the picture to your camera roll you can then upload it from there. It’s easy, but it’s still hassle.

“From imagining mirrored landscapes to sharing multiple moments from an entire adventure, we’ve seen these kinds of visual storytelling happening on Instagram and we’re inspired by it”

If you’re a brand using Instagram it’s time to get creative and make some awesome collages! Maybe you can take some ‘outside of the box’ inspiration form these awesome Vines.

Instagram Layouts


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