Improve your event with social media; 5 tips

5 tips for social at your event

Want to integrate social media into your upcoming event? Here are 5 top tips to help you do it;

1. Purchasing through Facebook
Create a Facebook app where people can buy tickets (we can build you one). A purchasing fan has clearly shown trust and value in your page, meaning they are more likely to engage once they are at the event. Make sure this feature is regularly talked about so customers have a clear place to respond to any CTA’s you’ve posted.

2. Put an advertising strategy in place
Spend a bit of cash putting your event out there. You’ll be impressed the potential reach of a social ad and it’ll help get your event in front of the right people. I’d recommend a promoted post, providing you have a well established Facebook page.

3. #YourEvent
All good events have a decent, well used hash tag, fact! Get your attendees tweeting their pictures live at the event and create a killer buzz with your audience. If you can, incorporate your hash tag into the core event activities.

4. Create a bespoke content plan
There’s no point posting a week before the event and expecting your audience to react. You should be talking about your event 3 months in advance, giving your audience plenty of time to react to CTA’s and gain an understanding of what the event is going to be like.

5. Help attendees plan their day
Be helpful to your attendees by offering information on hotels, transport etc. This again goes back to the trust and value which a follower will build with your page. See if you can get deals with local businesses for some great offers for your audience exclusively through social.

Had an event where social media was a massive success? Let’s hear your stories!

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