How to Use Twitter Lists for Business


Twitter lists are a great way to help organize your Twitter experience. They can help you find and interact with the right people more easily as they will all be in designated lists of your choosing.

But how do you create a Twitter list?


  • To create a Twitter list, go to your Twitter avatar and click lists.



  • Then click on Create New List



Now to name your Twitter list.

You then have the opportunity to add a description and sort out the privacy settings. These elements are essential as other people may want to follow your lists. Make sure to save it or you will have to start again.

To add someone to your list, click on the settings icon on someone’s Twitter profile. Scroll down to add or remove from lists.




You’ll then be shown the different lists you have created or will have the option to create a list. Tick the relevant box and they will be added.




Twitter lists will help you to monitor competitor’s accounts. You will see how they interact on Twitter and what they’re posting and enable you to stay on top of everything.  This will help to give you an advantage.

You could connect with industry leaders, keeping track of them in one informative list. If you’ve created a list of industry leaders too it will become a valuable resource. You can share your lists with followers with recommendations that they subscribe.

Lists are also a quick and easy way to keep up and engage with employees too.

Use Twitter lists to group together news sources and topics of interest. You could even divide it up into different categories or even local and global news.

Twitter is widely used to find and share news and information along with interacting with others in your specific field. Using Twitter lists is a great way to filter all the information and the accounts that you want to see, when you want to see it.

For information on how to optimize your tweets for better visibility in search results, click here. 

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