How to Optimize Your Tweets for Better Visibility in Search Results.


Do you want your Twitter account to gain more exposure?

There are a few simple techniques which will increase the chance of your account showing up in Twitter and Google searches.

Relevant Keywords

Keywords you use on your website may not always translate perfectly within Twitter. However, implicating popular and relevant hashtags and topics that work well with your content will help you.

You’re able to tell which keywords are working the best, as you can monitor the engagement, link clicks and the reach for your tweets. This allows you to see which keywords have been the most effective.

Keywords make a huge difference, and they can boost your visibility when searched for in Twitter and Google.



Optimize Your Account for Twitter Search

This might be an obvious point, but make sure your handle and username match your website and brand name. If the name is already taken, make sure it is as close as you can possibly get, Consistent branding will help you get found more easily.

Try not to use a lot of numbers in your username too. This may get flagged up as spam by Google.

Make sure you fill out your bio appropriately too. The main purpose of the bio is to show potential followers what your company is all about and what you’re going to be tweeting about.

Linking your Twitter account to all other relevant websites will also help legitimacy and give you more traffic and more followers, such as your blog, LinkedIn, Facebook and YouTube.

Google allows you to embed code into your website, which specifies your preferred social accounts. These can be included in search results. You can also specify other social profiles too. This can be found on the Google Developers page. 


Encourage Retweets

One of the most effective ways to get more people to see your tweets is through retweets. Don’t be afraid to put a call to action at the end of your tweet. There’s nothing to stop you, and if the content is of value then there’s no harm doing it!


Make sure that if you want your tweet to be retweeted, that it is fewer than 120 characters, as this seems to be the optimum tweet length to get shared. That way there is space for users Twitter handles to be included.

For more tips to utilize Twitter to your advantage, click here. Developing an authentic Twitter audience is important too, this article will give you some tips on how to do that!

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