How To Make Twitter Work For Your Business


Twitter is a valuable resource for your business, but it’s important to make sure you’re properly utilizing it and using it to its full potential.

Before we go on it’s probably best you know the Twitter Basics. Got that? Right then, on we go.

It is a good idea to provide valuable content to your existing and potential audiences. Your account should be authentic and not just an advert for your company. It can sometimes be difficult to attract new followers and know how best to use the social network to help benefit your business, so here are some tips to make Twitter work for you your business.


Helping others

Think of what help your audience may need. Try to solve their problems by using the hashtag for your industry term. Connecting with your audience will also show you are a helpful and informative source.


Share photos

By tweeting photos of conferences, travel, products and other interesting finds, it will help people get a bit of a behind the scenes look at your business.


Report News

You should report industry, company and other news that is related to your business. By adding in some commentary, it shows that you are in the know and up to date about your industry, helping to make you a trustworthy source.


Provide Links

Offering a path to other articles and content posted elsewhere will be valuable to your audience. Summarize why this may be helpful and important to your business or to others.


Spread your tweets throughout the day.

People’s Twitter news feeds are constantly updating. If you post all at once, then followers aren’t as likely to catch your content.


Join industry and topic Twitter lists related to your business.

Joining these lists will help to group your account with like-minded business and people. You will also be able to see who else has been included and what they’re tweeting about.



Follow experts, companies and competitors, as well as leaders within your industry. You never know, you may even get a follow back.


Give referrals on Twitter.

Connecting on Twitter is important, and referrals are a good way to add to a support network. What goes around comes around. Connectivity is key.


Engage with customers

Users are now much more involved with brands than ever before through the use of hashtags. It’s important to engage effectively and efficiently with your customers. It is also extremely important to avoid social media mistakes. Remember, your reputation is important and you will be judged by what you tweet.


If you want to know more about Twitter how about exploring the three ways using Twitter changes your brain or the history of the hashtag. Both of which are definitely not an example of making boring topics not boring (we promise).




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