How to Increase Your Engagement on Instagram


With more than 150 million active monthly users and counting, Instagram is a platform you should definitely be utilizing. Visual marketing is on the rise and around 55 million photos are uploaded every day. Interacting with your audience is just one key way to help increase your engagement on Instagram, ranging from likes and comments to following people. Here are some ways in which you can improve your engagement on Instagram and make your brand more visible.

Know Your Community

Learn about your community, the more you can understand about who is viewing your content, the more content you will be able to tailor, keeping them coming back.

It will guide your Instagram content strategy with what you should be posting and when, in order to receive the most interactions from your community. This can be achieved by measuring who is interacting with your content, you will be able to gage a better understanding of what else they’re interacting with to learn more about your community.

Use Hashtags

Just like Twitter, hashtags should be used if you want to increase your exposure. These will help your content get discovered more easily. If it fits your brand and is relevant to whatever you’re posting, then it will enable interested Insatagrammers to find your content. Make sure hashtags are specific so they can be found by your target audience.

Posting Authentic Content

You should be sharing posts that are value content and that also help to communicate your brand’s lifestyle. It depends on what you want to deliver to your followers and what they expect and hope to see from you. With a complete understanding of who your audience and community is, the more you can tailor valued and reliable content to them. Make sure you update content regularly too, engage your audience and give them something to look forward to.

Make Instagram A Jumping Off Point

To get the most out of social engagement on this particular platform, it’s important to make sure that you drive your audience and community from your Instagram account to your primary website as smoothly as possible. This is especially true if you’re promoting products which rely on reviews. By then heading to your primary site they’re able to learn in more detail about what you’ve posted.


It’s a good idea to interact with anyone who leaves comments on your posts. Take the time to respond to their enthusiasm or any negative comments or concerns they may have. This helps to establish you as a trustworthy source. Try to interact with the more passionate members of your community too, in order to encourage their engagement.

On Instagram you can interact through likes, comments or people following you. These are all important for your overall marketing on Instagram.

Likes help to know how your community is responding to the content that you’re sharing. Comments are a higher form of engagement. The more people that tag their friends in your posts the better.

Following shows that these people want to continuously re-engage with you and see the content that you’ll be sharing.

Running Campaigns

Campaigns and contests are ideal ways to drive engagement. It gives them the opportunity to share with your brand, enabling you to share in their enthusiasm.

Consider launching competitions to get people involved and increase engagement. This will provide you with opportunities to build your community. Everyone likes to win and hosting a photo competition will get people engaged, especially if there’s a good possible prize at the end of it.

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