How To Develop An Authentic Twitter Following

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Twitter is essential in any piece of business branding and communication. Company content should regularly be tweeted out and you should be engaging to your followers.

Millions of users go straight to this service for up to date breaking news, videos, images, articles, and quick snippets of information.

Growing an attentive following on Twitter can be a huge challenge and take up lots of time. If you want a meaningful engagement with your brand, along with a faithful following that continues to grow then there are some useful tips you can follow. You’re sure to start seeing the difference.


  • Create a list of influential businesses and people of note within your industry. Follow them and their followers. You will stay in the loop of up to date information, and likeminded people will gain trust in your account. Engage with their tweets, favourite, retweet and respond, as well as regularly tweet yourself.


  • Industry relevant hashtags – These can be extremely useful to help in creating a leads list. Those who are using hashtags that are popular and trending in your industry are more often the most engaged users. You’ll want these people to follow your brand and engage with you.


  • It might be worth considering working out a portion of your budget towards advertising and promoting your top engaged Tweets. If there’s high engagement, then there is sure to be more audiences out there that would be interested in your tweet. You can base this on location and keywords amongst others.


  • Follow users strategically – Remember that not everyone will follow you back, but make sure your profile explains in a short ad punchy way what you’re about. Twitter do put restrictions on following more people if your ratio of following to followers is greatly unbalanced. You can however use an unfollower app. This enables you to get rid of some of the lesser engaged followers to make way for people who will actually be interested in your content.


  • Make sure your Twitter is visible on all company sites. A “follow us on Twitter” button should be visibly displayed. Why not also add your live Twitter feed which will show a stream of your most up to date tweets.


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