How to build a successful Facebook page for your new business.

Setting up a Facebook Page

When you have created your new business and you know what product or service you are selling, you need to know how to market what you have to offer. The first step you should take is to set up a Facebook page. You will have an audience (47% of all internet users have a Facebook account) who you can target and appeal to. This is an obvious first step to advertising your new business but very few people do it properly. Why waste such an engaged revenue stream? Follow these few tips below and before you know it you will have an attractive Facebook page ready to show your friends, family and most importantly potential customers.

Utilise the space.

The first things your new customers will see are the profile picture and cover photo. These two areas will give your new visitors their opening impression of who you are and what you are about.

Now normally the profile picture would be your company’s logo, which we assume you have spent a long time perfecting to make it as relevant and engaging as possible. Using your logo as the profile picture will allow your new customers to instantly recognise who you are and for returning customers the logo will allow them to differentiate between you and other similar pages.

Your cover photo should feature your logo within it and give your customers as much information as possible without being too overcrowded. Keep it simple, whether it’s a picture of your product or a graphic about your latest offer, make it easily understandable. Your page visitor should be able to understand everything you offer at a glance.


HP featured cover photos taken by customers using their products.

Utilise Facebook’s features.

Facebook has come on leaps and bounds when it comes to tools to help business pages. First things first, use the wide range of data Facebook provides to get to know your audiences behaviour and adjust your own accordingly. From the simplest things like tracking shares and likes to more specific details about who your audience is and what content works and what doesn’t.

If you have a big offer you want to promote or you simply need to get yourself to the top of your audience’s newsfeed, use promoted posts to get seen more often and for longer. It’s cheaper than most forms of advertising and will help grow your audience.

Managing a new business means you will be busy trying to sort out a million and one things, so don’t worry if you’re not in front of the computer a lot. Using Facebook’s Pages Manager app, you can keep on top of your new page wherever you are. Manage your comments, events and even post on the go.


Use Facebook’s Insights to find out key information about your audience

Utilise your audience.

No matter what you do with your new Facebook page, if you do not have the audience then you will get nowhere.  Keep your audience engaged with regular posts. Not posting enough will cause your audience to disengage and they are more likely to unlike your page. On the flipside posting too many times in a short space of time can mean that your posts get lost and without an audience. One of your first moves should be developing a strategy that gets the most out of your audience. When are they online? Use the Insights mentioned in the tip above to find this out and then post to get the best bang for your content buck.

Do not use your Facebook page as a place to only post offers. This is such a small part of the service you should be offering.  Use the well-known ratio of 80:20 to get a good variety of content and keep your audience. 80% of your content should give the audience something to take away from your page. This can be something as simple as a funny image or video. By posting non-promotional content your audience sees your page and brand as a personality rather than simply a sales pitch. Also with that 80% try to mix between content related to your service or product and more viral audience friendly content. The other 20% should be promotional materials. Use offers or discounts exclusive to your Facebook page to grow your audience and force them to engage.

You should always interact with your audience. Something as simple as a response to an inquiry via Facebook message can turn a new customer into a loyal one. Especially when you’re growing your business, customer service is massively important to attracting new customers and keeping your existing ones. Think of your inbox and comments section as your virtual customer service desk.


Follow Oreo’s example. A simple image which isn’t a direct sales pitch can really attract your audience.

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