Has Facebook’s new search feature got Google scared?

Facebook Search

Facebook has thrown its hat into the search engine ring, going toe to toe with giants Google. Over the past few weeks, Facebook has been testing out its own in app search engine in an effort to keep its audiences contained within their sphere of influence

The search feature which has been available to some Apple users in the US, allows users to search for links and content based on a keyword search engine which is made up of over 1 trillion indexed posts from the site. Giving users the highest trending subjects, they can then share in app, without having to exit and open up Google or any other search engine. By keeping within the Facebook app, they will be able to grow their mobile ad revenue to record breaking levels putting pressure on Google.


70% of all of Facebooks revenue comes from mobile advertising and they are slowly but surely eating away at Google’s market share. The search engine titans saw their share fall by 8% last year which has meant they’ve had to lower their mobile advertising rates since the beginning of 2015. If Facebook continues to develop their own Facebook universe, which gives no need for users to leave they will continue to expand their share of all time spent on the internet which currently stands at 28%. Along with the search engine add on, Facebook are also in talks with various news outlets to publish their content on Facebook rather than link back to an exterior site. It will be fascinating to see what other avenues Facebook goes down to take further control of the internet audience.

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