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In the ever changing world of technology, you can blink and miss events that could change the future and if you happened to blink late last night that’s what might of happened to you. Google as we know it is no more and in its place? Alphabet.

To many this may seem like a simple name change, a bizarre name change given the amount of clout the name holds around the world, Google is the internet to many people but it is in fact much more than that.

From later this year Google as we know it will become Alphabet and to put it simply Alphabet will be “a collection of companies”  according to former chief executive of Google who is now in the same job at Alphabet, Larry Page.The move will mean that some of the companies that will fall under the Alphabet umbrella will be the health, well being and longevity company Calico and Google X, the groups experimental division.

Now why Alphabet? Well, the name comes from what the Guardian call a “mixture of terrible jokes, grand ambition, and carefully studied banality.” In the financial world ‘alpha’ means a return on investment above the benchmark and when added to bet, it makes Alphabet a good Alpha-bet! Get it? Anyway, the companies url will be a metaphor for the fact that the new company encompass everything from A-Z.

The classic Google isn’t really changing and although it has been described as ‘slimmed down’ by Page, the company will still head up the likes of YouTube, Android, Maps and Gmail, as well as the company’s search and advertising businesses. The overall affect of the change will be minimal to everyday Google users and after the reshuffle, Google will still be one of the biggest companies in the world, it’s just that Alphabet by owning Google will be even bigger.

The old adage is that if it ain’t broke don’t fix it, but this move appears to go completely against that. On the surface it seems like there are very few benefits to the change but it is safe to assume that a change of this size must have some hidden advantages. Some believe that it could be a simple dodge of regulatory issues, particularly in the EU.

All in all it seems that this is a shrewd but cynical business move masked as a innovative and ‘outside the box’ re-brand.

Here is what the new structure will look like:


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