Four factors that WILL affect the delivery of your Facebook ads

Four Factors that WILL Affect the Delivery of your Facebook ads

Not all ads are created equal… but let’s pretend that they are. Just for now all ads have an equal ‘quality’ for image and copy. What’s left to affect the delivery of your Facebook ads? Well, these four factors.


Delivery fatigue

It doesn’t matter how great your ad is, if you run it for too long people will stop engaging. ‘Frequency’ measures how often people have seen your ad, as this increases positive feedback on your ads will go down and people may even start hiding it from their timelines.



Facebook have set limits on how many times ads will appear in users feeds per day. Targeting people who like your page? You’ve got up to four of your ads per day. Targeting people who don’t like your Page? They’ll see up to two of your ads per day. Bear this in mind and diversify your audiences!


Budget Limits

Guess what… Your ads stop running when they hit budget limits. Surprising right? Well no, not really. Figure out your budget and whether it’s lifetime or daily. If you reach it, no more ads for you today!



Competition will always be a factor and is a sneaky little thing to fight. The best way to battle it is to ensure your targeting is top notch. Your ad will perform best if it’s hitting relevant people.

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