Fancy Writing the Next 50 Shades on a Social App?

Kink - the social app for collaborative  writing and dating

Fancy collaborating on an epic scale to create erotic fiction using your phone? Well there’s an app for that! Seriously. No really, there is. It’s called Kink and as it falls under ‘social networking app’ I get to take a look at it.

After installing Kink it encourages users to choose a pen name and get collaborating. The app creator’s hope this collective of authors (can we call them that?) will somehow generate the next 50 Shades of Grey. Infinite monkeys come to mind here.

Infinite Monkeys

Users can create micro, standard or epic works of fiction with the size being determined by the amount of turns. They can also upload images within the stories for an extra £2.29. There’s also an option to use the social writing app unsociably and alone.

Write Collaboratively

Apart from the collaborative fiction side of things the app is also built with dating in mind – users will be able to chat and according to the apps tagline ‘seduce someone with their writing’.

Seduce with your writing

The writers should take a look at the terms before they get stuck in, especially if they’re hoping to do a E.L. James and sell their kinky wares to Hollywood,

“We will not own the copyright in any of the work you publish individually or in collaboration with other users of the App and you or you and the people you have written in collaboration with, will be credited as the owner(s) of the original work that is published through the App.”

So far so good.

“You grant the right for us and only us, to use, adapt, publish and sell any work you publish individually or in collaboration with others of the App.”

Kink will pay authors a 20% royalty rate on any such sales.

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