Facebook’s Instagram Reaches 400 Million Users, Beating Twitter


The photo sharing app has now reached 400 million worldwide users compared to Twitter’s 316 million.

A blog post shared by Instagram has revealed that its users share more than 80 million images every day.

Instagram was launched back in 2010 and was bought by Facebook in 2012.

They said: “While milestones like this are important, what really excites us is the way that visual communication makes the world feel a little bit smaller to every one of us.”

75% of Instagram’s users now live outside of the US. Out of the last 100 million members to join, more than half live in Europe and Asia.

Notable names have joined Instagram within the last 100 million. The most followed accounts include David Beckham in the UK and Caitlyn Jenner from the US.


Facebook, who also bought Whatsapp at the beginning of 2014 have had multiple successes with their ventures. The messaging service has recently hit the 900 million users mark.

Instagram is going from strength to strength and have also been releasing a series of spin-off apps such as Layout. This helps users to create collaged images more easily. You can include up to nine images and there are 11 different combinations. It includes four main features called Faces, Mirroring, Photo Booth and Previews.


Photos can be zoomed, flipped to form a mirror image or turned upside down.

According to Instagram, one in five users now combine their photos into a collage.

All of these numbers will be music to their ears of Facebook as it looks to monetize Instagram. It has introduced sponsored posts and is looking to introduce targeted ads in the future too.

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