Facebook have been making some changes


You may have received a notification from Facebook over the last couple days talking about an update in terms and conditions, data policy and cookie policy – doesn’t sound like great reading, but there is some interesting stuff going on, which marketeers should be aware of.

Firstly, privacy basics. This is presumably the response Facebook has given to many users who have concerns over the privacy policy. Traditionally it was always difficult to read, but now there are interactive guides on all things privacy. To be honest, something that was a little overdue but will lead to a user base that is more knowledgeable of the information they are giving in the longer term.

What really gets me interested with my marketing hat though are the following;
– Purchasing: The possibility of a buy button, which will allow users to make purchases through Facebook. A game changer in my eyes. I can’t believe it has taken them this long to get this functionality well and truly in the pipeline but thankfully it is coming. From a social media consultants perspective, it’ll help clients put a value on their social – something that has eluded many businesses.
– Location based activity: They are working on giving users information based on their location (if they decide to check in), so you could see recommendations/menus of local restaurants etc. This has potential to be another advertising option for local businesses, with real time location based targeting. It’ll be interesting to see how this functionality develops over time.

Also mention was how Facebook will use their ‘family of companies’ to improve the users experience. Example: If you lose your Instagram password you can use Facebook to retrieve your details. A nice touch – providing users information isn’t passed too freely between platforms.

If you want to read the full update you can do here.

What do you think of the update?

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