Facebook groups goes it alone


Facebook have introduced Facebook Groups, a stand alone app for the groups function of Facebook (if you hadn’t already guessed).

Not only will users be able to create groups, but they’ll be able to discover new ones based on pages they’ve liked, which has the whiff of an unprofessional Linked In about it if you ask me. No doubt this has been implemented to make the mobile experience quicker, improve one of the most underused functions within the main app and up the Facebook brand app portfolio. It’ll be available on IOS and Android and won’t be compulsory, unlike Messenger.

The company told Mashable they are looking to target people who already use groups (an ever increasing number, apparently) and the experience will be very familiar to this demographic.


From a personal perspective, I wouldn’t ever feel the need to communicate via a group as my friends have Messenger and Whatsapp. Having said that, the discovering of new groups does seem a great way to gain information on hobbies and interests (cricket mainly for me!) and is the clear USP of the app.

Would you download Groups?

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