Facebook at work


The Financial Times announced Facebook are working on Facebook at Work, which will offer document sharing abilities and other enterprise based functionality. It is said your personal account would be completely separate from your Facebook at Work account.

Whilst Facebook haven’t released anything officially, the pretty strong rumours and numerous anonymous sources from the Financial Times article suggests this is not only in the pipeline but is being piloted in London. A more pressing question: why would any enterprise choose a Facebook at Work tool over a Google, Microsoft or IBM based product (who by the way, have been doing this kind of software since day dot)?

Well, this type of system is used by internal staff at Facebook, so you can bet your bottom dollar the system is well developed and hacker proof. They have the financial muscle to make this a success and arguably fills the gap in their ever expanding network portfolio. I don’t think that is enough to win over the majority of the market, but you can’t underestimate these guys!

What do you think of Facebook at Work? A big hit or a flop?

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