Don’t let Snapchat limit your creativity!

Don't let Snapchat Limit Your Creatiivity

Snapchat has always been about limits. How long you can see a snap, how many times you can see it and how much you can write in each one. In a system designed to tease and keep people engaged in the app, the limits imposed by Snapchat have done nothing but increase its popularity. There is however a sneaky way to get around Snapchats enforced character limit.

Step 1.

Open up the notes feature on your phone and hit return until you have a couple of empty lines. Select the blank lines and press copy.

step 1

Step 2.

Open up Snapchat and take an amazing selfie then paste the empty lines into the text box. Select the line you want use and add your text. This way you get past the 31-character cutoff.

step 2




step 3

Here are some more Snapchat tips to make instant picture messaging more creative.

For giant emojis on your snap, simply choose the emoji that you want (we will give you some time to make this difficult decision) then press the big T button and there you have it!


Snapchat likes to keep the entire palette of colours hidden from the user, but to fully unlock all the available colours simply hold your finger down on the colour selection until a larger menu opens, then drag your finger to the left and bottom of the screen.

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