Discount me it’s Twitter!


Twitter buy and offer buttons are coming to a twitter feed near you!

The buttons give your followers the opportunity to take advantage of company products and offers. After clicking, users are directed to a landing page where they can complete the transaction or get the offer. Better still, Twitter remembers the followers details making further transactions even easier.

It is said a few brands are working on these to start, but we like to think they’ll be accessible for everyone in the next year or so (hopefully sooner) depending on the success. It’ll be interesting to see if users are willing to interact and the strategies marketeers will come up with to boost interaction. Companies like Amazon must be licking their lips. It certainly is a game changer.


This is a clear indication that Twitter is looking to help businesses put a clear ROI on their efforts, evolve the platform and ultimately become more profitable.

Would you use this functionality?

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