Dealing with Customer Complaints on Social

Customer Complaints

Customers are increasingly using social media to voice their frustrations about companies and their products and services. If you haven’t come across this before, i’d suggest having a look at Vodafones UK Help Twitter feed.

Some customers may go directly to social to complain however it’s more common to see customers who have tried traditional methods of complaining and failed. Often these can be the most frustrated customers or those who feel they have been let down by the brand, making it even more crucial your responses are done in the right way.

So what can you do to be a pro at dealing with these complaints?

Always respond

There is nothing worse for a customer to feel like they have been ignored and truly unvalued by your brand. If you have complaint on your social feeds and you haven’t responded, that isn’t giving a great impression of your brand to current or potential customers either. Try and respond as quickly as possible – a quick response shows commitment and organisation, which will add positivity to the situation.

Show courtesy

Sounds basic; Even if you think the customer is completely wrong and their comments are invalid still keep your manners and thank them for getting in touch. Basic manners and courtesy are a must when dealing with customer complaints in the public eye.

Private Message or Resolve publicly? 

Private message more often than not is the best way to deal with the customer complaint, as long as you have made it clear to the rest of your fans that you have taken it there. You don’t know what nitty gritty details you are going to get into about a situation with a customer. Obviously, a complaint that can be dealt with quickly doesn’t need the hassle of a private message.

Be Personable

Put yourself in the customers shoes. When complaining would you like to deal with a person or a faceless brand? If you feel comfortable giving your name, then give it. Customers will feel at ease talking to a person and having your name as a point of reference will offer reassurance.



These are our tips, if you have another ones let us know by commenting below.

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