Choosing your social media platform


Small businesses need to choose wisely when selecting social media platforms to invest time and money in. A lot of business owners believe social media is just Facebook and Twitter but that is bit like saying only Audi make cars. There are so many options out there so her are a few tips when choosing;

1. Look at the demographics
There is plenty of information around demographics of the users of each social site. For example, Pinterest user base is made up of 80% women, so you’d assume that a product, brand or service targeted at women would find Pinterest effective.

2. Ease of administration
We love social more than most but you have to realistic about how you are going to manage these platforms. If the day to day admin doesn’t fit in with your business capabilities don’t waste your time. Instagram has know scheduling tool and is mobile based which poses challenges for some, but is perfect for others.

3. Keep in line with the goals of your strategy
Raising brand awareness? Customer service stream? Whatever it is you are looking to achieve through social, pick your platform accordingly. Functionality and unique selling points of your chosen platforms should reflect your goals.

4. Understand why people use the platform
You need to know why people have chosen to sign up to this platform so you can add value to users.

5. Where is the platform going?
What are the makers of the platform going to do for marketers? Have they seen growth in their user base recently? Understand where the platform is as a business.

Have any other top tips? Let us know.

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