Celebrate everyday and let content create itself!


Searching for content can cost your business a lot of time and money. Whether it’s browsing Reddit to find what the kids are chatting about or searching Facebook and Twitter trying to hop on the latest viral trend, time and effort and therefore money is being pushed searching the endless chasm of internet.

“Everyone is trying to find something to talk about when there is nothing to talk about,” said John-Bryan Hopkins, a social media consultant.

Sometimes you might be lucky, you could have paid your tribute to Cecil the Lion or tweeted about how excited you are about that new series of the Great British Bake Off starts soon, but normally you will be left with very little to talk about, this is where you waste most of your time as a content specialist. There is however a secret to guaranteeing content everyday of the year and that is to celebrate everyday!

By this we mean every single day of the year is celebrated in someway from the 11th May which is World Plumbing Day to World Freedom Day on the 9th November, every date on your calendar is celebrating something. Now obviously not all of the days are going to fit seamlessly into your brands message but as back up, using national something something day is great way to fill a blank space in your content plan. Try to be smart about when and how often you use this tactic as not to appear too over reliant on it.


You can also develop this and start to create your own days. Follow the example of the big boys like Amazon who this year created Prime Day to celebrate their Prime service or Black Friday which was created purely to encourage people to part with their money on this particular day. There will always be something to celebrate if you choose to create the holiday or not.

Social Media doesn’t always create these days but they sure do love to pick them up and run with them. Look along the lines of #tbt – throwback Thursday to the uninitiated. A huge social media hit that has blown up to become part of the current culture consciousness. It is as reliable as Christmas in the digital world and if you are clever enough you could create something like this to generate interest in your business.

Always be thinking of what you are missing out on and what you could be doing to generate more and more interest for our business. In future thinking about what promotional materials you have and then think if you maximise it’s impact by saving it for a related ‘international day of…’ Does your new advert feature a heavily bearded man? Save it and post on the 5th September, which is obviously World Beard Day!


For more help on this check out this calendar for all your content creating needs!




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