How to Use Twitter Lists for Business


Twitter lists are a great way to help organize your Twitter experience. They can help you find and interact with the right people more easily as they will all be in designated lists of your choosing. But how do you create a Twitter list?   To create a Twitter list, go to your Twitter avatar and click lists.   Then click on Create New List   Now to name your Twitter list. You then have the opportunity to add a description and sort out the privacy settings. These elements are essential as other people may want to follow your lists. Make sure to


5 Simple Twitter Marketing Tips to Improve Your Results!

Twitter results

If you are looking at ways to improve your Twitter marketing then are very simple things you may have missed. Even Twitter pros can be missing out on perfect engagement opportunities because they have failed to optimize Twitter’s basic features. We won’t let that happen to you, we have 5 simple twitter Marketing tips to improve your results!


3 Tips for Managing a Company Twitter Account as a Team


On Twitter you want to make a good impression to your audience. Sometimes you want to make sure that you’re there first to a story or give your opinion, but if multiple people have access to your business or company Twitter account then there can very easily be crossover and similar tweets being posted.


5 creative ways to improve your Twitter marketing!


There a countless number of Twitter accounts that simply just post ‘funny’ memes and bitly links of your products, then you are probably not using Twitter to it’s full potential. Audiences, especially online audiences are so used to the format that has been set out, (we give you one piece of content then we try to sell you something) that even the most unsavvy user will spot it a mile off and go running.


3 ways Twitter can make your business life easier

3 ways Twitter can make your business life easier

Once upon a time social media was meant to make your life easier and increase what your business can do and who can see it, but then cat videos, memes and procrastinating kind of got in the way of productivity. Now it’s time to take back control and we’re here to help, we’ve got 3 helpful ways Twitter can make life easier for your business!


Hashtag history #explained


The hashtag. ‘#’. You’ve probably used one. Maybe to promote a product or brand, maybe to show excitement or emphasize something. But have you ever wondered why you were using it? Do you even know what a ‘#’ is called? What did you even call ‘#’ when you just read it? Lets have a look into the symbols odd history.


The best ads that used #WhatIsLoveIn4Words

WhatIsLove Twitter Trend

Trending topics on Twitter can be a great way to find fantastic content, keep up with breaking news or keep up with the latest antics of the One Direction boys… They can also be a brilliant chance to jump right a conversation and show-off your brand. If your content is relevant and high quality a trending topic can be a great opportunity. #WhatIsLoveIn4Words was one such opportunity and here are some of our favorites.


A look at #ReplaceAMovieTitleWithGoat


Working with social media really is a pleasure. The combination of logical and creative thinking makes every day as interesting as it is challenging, and keeping up to date with the latest trends and developments is exciting. Also, things like this are regularly popping up on your screen…


Discount me it’s Twitter!


Twitter buy and offer buttons are coming to a twitter feed near you! The buttons give your followers the opportunity to take advantage of company products and offers. After clicking, users are directed to a landing page where they can complete the transaction or get the offer. Better still, Twitter remembers the followers details making further transactions even easier. It is said a few brands are working on these to start, but we like to think they’ll be accessible for everyone in the next year or so (hopefully sooner) depending on the success. It’ll be interesting to see if users


Twitter jargon buster


To users that aren’t too familiar to Twitter, there are some words which are about as alien as E.T on a jet ski. With that in mind, here are the main terms explained: Twitter Feed/Twitter Stream: 9 times out of 10 this will refer to the feed of tweets you receive from everyone you follow, which will appear when you click home. I would suggest you need to follow about 300 people before your stream is of full value to you. Follower: This someone who has followed your Twitter account and will see your tweets on their Twitter Feed/Stream. Ultimately,


An old tradition


Has one of the first Twitter traditions gone? For the more recent joiners of Twitter who may not necessarily know what on earth #FF is, essentially #FF stands for Friday Follow. The idea was to help your new followers or favourite followers grow their twitter pages, by @ing them in the FF tweet. You would typically have 5 people with a ‘have a nice weekend’ style message. It became such a must in the Twitter world, I attended a social media 101 about 2 years ago which had a 10 minute section just on #FF! It was just good manners


5 things to avoid on Twitter


Many of us think of Twitter as a magical land full of hash tags and trending stories which enlighten our everyday routines. Funny content, news stories, business updates or a local police force sharing a funny crime, it really has the lot. Many businesses are making some key mistakes and going against what I would describe as Twitter etiquette. Here are a few things the team have noticed on our travels which don’t exactly make us too please; Too many hash tags #SomePeoplePut #SoMany #HashTags #InTheirTweets #ThatYouStruggleToSeeTheSubject of the tweet itself. Quite simply, it’s annoying and not great practice to follow. Hash