Instagram’s website just got a whole lot better with new search feature


Despite being primarily a mobile and tablet app, Instagram has finally started to improve its desktop format by adding the recently overhauled search feature.The new search will allow web users to search for specific accounts, hashtags and locations easier than ever before.


How to Increase Your Engagement on Instagram


With more than 150 million active monthly users and counting, Instagram is a platform you should definitely be utilizing. Visual marketing is on the rise and around 55 million photos are uploaded every day. Interacting with your audience is just one key way to help increase your engagement on Instagram, ranging from likes and comments to following people. Here are some ways in which you can improve your engagement on Instagram and make your brand more visible.


Instagram Launches New App – Layout

Instagram's NEW App - Layouts

Hats off to Instagram – they noticed a trend on their network and have created their own app to support it. In this case, users were using third-party apps to create collages of their photos before posting them. Now users will be able to create these pictures grids using Layout.


News flash! Instagram is making movements


According to a blog written by Instagram CEO, it now has a bigger monthly active user base than Twitter (based on Twitters Q3 figures). A pretty big deal if you ask me! Facebook and Twitter are widely known as the big boys, but now one of Facebook’s little brothers is packing a serious punch! 300 million active monthly users is the figure announced, which is up 100 million since March and importantly 25 million more than Twitter announced in Q3. But what does this mean for your business? Instagram isn’t exactly business friendly for now, but will be in the


Instagram update


Great news! Editing captions after posting a picture on Instagram is now 100% possibly. The caption is arguably as important as the photo itself especially from a brand perspective, so not having to delete and upload the photo again is such a welcome upgrade. A second update has been made to the explore function. You will see 2 tabs at the top, photos and people with the bottom icon turning to a magnifying glass. The photo tab replicates the old explore function, with the people page suggesting accounts to follow. This to me indicated there is behind the scenes development


The others; Instagram


Probably the most famous ‘other’ social media site, the Facebook owned Instagram is taking the world by storm, one picture at a time. The best way I can describe Instagram is Twitter for pictures and seeing as Twitter are always telling us image tweets get more engagement, this platform should be great. Users can take pictures or upload previous ones to Instagram and follow their friends and/or celebrities to see their pictures too. You an also Instagram videos, which is significantly longer Vine, arguably it’s competitor. It has been reported on numerous sites that Instagram has an even split in