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Many brands have taken to social like a duck to water but our favourites are as follows.

1. Nando’sBrandsToFollowNandos
Yes this is a bit of a stomach orientated choice, but Nando’s is a great company to like on Facebook. First thing’s first, their content is good quality and varied, reflecting their key brand messages and keeping their audience up to date i.e. they are adding value to their fans. Customer complaints are dealt with efficiently, with response times below 10 minutes in some cases.

2. Xbox Support
The twitter account of Xbox support answers questions from gamers. A great example of social where there is a clear goal, target audience and quality execution. They are lightening fast to respond and advertise this service on the platform.

3. Old SpiceBrandsToFollowOldSpice
A personal favourite on the list, Old Spice certainly know their way around a viral video. It is clear they know their target audience and create content based on it. On Twitter they have some great exchanges with other brands, famously with Taco Bell.

4. IntelBrandsToFollowIntel
A massive non consumer brand really making the most of social. All the content is very positive/funny and up to date with current affairs, with more than Facebook and Twitter in their armoury. I’ve only recently found out about the quality of their social and am really impressed. Check them out, you’ll be pleasantly surprised.
Which brands would you recommend following?

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