Missing child alerts

Missing Child Alerts

Hats off Zuckerberg and his army for making this cool new feature. The collaboration with Amber Alerts allows people to file missing children reports on Facebook which will appear in newsfeeds, targeted based on law enforcement locations. They’ll include basic details about the missing child along with a picture and will be available on both mobile and desktop. Posts are shareable and link directly to the National Center’s missing child poster which holds the most up to date information (American). I’d expect to see this implemented in the UK over the next year, why wouldn’t it. It’s a win for


2015 wishlist


Here are a few things we think you should keep an eye on as a social marketeer in 2015. 1) Pinterest advertising platform. Dear Pinterest. Please get your house in order and develop a high quality targeted advertising platform for us to use. It’ll be great! You can take our money and we can generate leads. We know you want to! Jokes aside, it’s coming like a runaway train and we can’t wait! 2) Growth numbers Keep an eye on the growth of social sites and demographics that are growing. They are a key indicator to the success of each


Splash the cash Mark!


Facebook seems to have gone into let’s buy businesses we like the look of mode and fair play to them, why not!? They started by buying a start up speech recognition company called Wit.ai followed by video network company Quick Fire which in my opinion is far more interesting. Quick Fire claims they have reduce the bandwidth required to consume video, whilst keeping the quality top notch. Video is becoming increasingly important on all forms of social and the other big boys are all realising this (apart from Youtube, who of cause realised it ages ago). We’re hoping this leads




So news has spread Facebook are thinking of introducing a ‘dislike’ button (though it may not actually say dislike). The theory goes people don’t always want to like things they see, but still wish interact with the post quickly. The issue surrounding this subject is delivering it. Putting a dislike button on all posts will create a negativity surrounding posts, which from a marketeers perspective isn’t great. However, if this button is used correctly it could be useful for marketeers to see what content their audience doesn’t like. It’s fair to assume a straight dislike button wouldn’t be used how


News flash! Instagram is making movements


According to a blog written by Instagram CEO, it now has a bigger monthly active user base than Twitter (based on Twitters Q3 figures). A pretty big deal if you ask me! Facebook and Twitter are widely known as the big boys, but now one of Facebook’s little brothers is packing a serious punch! 300 million active monthly users is the figure announced, which is up 100 million since March and importantly 25 million more than Twitter announced in Q3. But what does this mean for your business? Instagram isn’t exactly business friendly for now, but will be in the


We caught up with; our very own Laura!


I grabbed Laura for a quick interview about all things social. Check out what my ‘social media big sister’ had to say. 1. In order of preference what are your top 5 social networks and why? Facebook – Good way to share news visually and keep up to date with friends, businesses, brands and entertainment. Vine – Purely for the humour and entertainment value. I wish more brands would adopt a social strategy which included Vine. Pinterest – The best way to search images and store visual inspiration for fashion, fitness and home decor. Twitter – Great for random conversations


Choosing your social media platform


Small businesses need to choose wisely when selecting social media platforms to invest time and money in. A lot of business owners believe social media is just Facebook and Twitter but that is bit like saying only Audi make cars. There are so many options out there so her are a few tips when choosing; 1. Look at the demographics There is plenty of information around demographics of the users of each social site. For example, Pinterest user base is made up of 80% women, so you’d assume that a product, brand or service targeted at women would find Pinterest


An introduction to audience insights: Tips


Having limited success with your ads which are using your built audience? Check out our tips for making an audience just right for you; 1. Page affinity I touched on this in part 2. Page affinity is how likely members of your target audience are to like another page. In the example below, we see an audience built for Beautifully Social. Typically our client base is small business owners and entrepreneurs. 2. Activity Keep an eye on how likely your audience is to like pages and click ads. You audience could be perfectly tailored to your client base, but if


An introduction to audience insights part 2


Part 1 of this blog looked at how you view the audience you are creating. We will now go over how to create that audience. Your audience is created using the options down the left hand side of audience insights. We’ll go through the options 1 by 1. Location: Target based on location. This can be country, city or region. You must make sure the cities and regions are in the same country. Example: You can’t target London and Sri Lanka.   Age and Gender: I am sure I don’t need to explain this.   Interests: The first of these


An introduction to audience insights part 1


Have you done a bit of Facebook advertising, with limited results? Are you building audiences through the ‘create ads’ tab on the menu? Think again… audience insights for the win. Put simply – improved targeting gains better results, we all agree on that right? Audience insights will improve your targeting in comparison to the standard way of building Facebook audiences. Before continuing to read this, you need to have an ad account linked to Facebook for business. You should have a good idea of what your target audience looks like and importantly what Facebook pages they will like (competitors, products


Cool Memes


Just for a bit of Friday fun, here are a few of the funniest memes out there!     Enjoyed these? Then you’ll love our round-up of the greatest ever YouTube videos, our post celebrating the tweets of Jaden Smith, and a quick look at our three favourite Vines. We also love collecting up our favourite funny Twitter trending topics like #ReplaceALetterRuinATvShow, #ReplaceAMovieTitleWithGoat, and #ClickBaitAMovie. For social media news and knowledge direct to your inbox sign up to the Beautifully Social newsletter. Sign up now and get a FREE infographic full of handy social media marketing tips and facts!   subscribed: 1 We


We caught up with; Rebecca Newenham


Beautifully Social caught up with Rebecca, who runs a business in the virtual assistant market. We really like this business idea! Check them out: Facebook, Twitter and website. 1. Tell us a bit about your business? Get Ahead VA was founded in 2010 after I recognised a gap in the market for virtual assistance services that offered the flexibility, value and performance that small businesses need in the 21st century, digital economy. After a corporate career in buying for retail giants such as Sainsbury’s, I was looking for a flexible work solution around my three children. Having grow up with


Discount me it’s Twitter!


Twitter buy and offer buttons are coming to a twitter feed near you! The buttons give your followers the opportunity to take advantage of company products and offers. After clicking, users are directed to a landing page where they can complete the transaction or get the offer. Better still, Twitter remembers the followers details making further transactions even easier. It is said a few brands are working on these to start, but we like to think they’ll be accessible for everyone in the next year or so (hopefully sooner) depending on the success. It’ll be interesting to see if users


Facebook have been making some changes


You may have received a notification from Facebook over the last couple days talking about an update in terms and conditions, data policy and cookie policy – doesn’t sound like great reading, but there is some interesting stuff going on, which marketeers should be aware of. Firstly, privacy basics. This is presumably the response Facebook has given to many users who have concerns over the privacy policy. Traditionally it was always difficult to read, but now there are interactive guides on all things privacy. To be honest, something that was a little overdue but will lead to a user base


The others; WhatsApp


WhatsApp is essentially an instant messaging app, whereby you can talk to people whose number you have. A nice blend between SMS and instant messaging. Key benefits of this app include free messaging between countries, an ability to group chat, sending pictures, audio notes and videos for free, know when your message has been read and even share your location with friends. The green symbol is quickly becoming an essential on smartphones across the planet. 70% of the 600 million user base uses the app everyday who are sending 19 billion messages a day! Impressive figures indeed! It’s an app


Facebook at work


The Financial Times announced Facebook are working on Facebook at Work, which will offer document sharing abilities and other enterprise based functionality. It is said your personal account would be completely separate from your Facebook at Work account. Whilst Facebook haven’t released anything officially, the pretty strong rumours and numerous anonymous sources from the Financial Times article suggests this is not only in the pipeline but is being piloted in London. A more pressing question: why would any enterprise choose a Facebook at Work tool over a Google, Microsoft or IBM based product (who by the way, have been doing


Facebook groups goes it alone


Facebook have introduced Facebook Groups, a stand alone app for the groups function of Facebook (if you hadn’t already guessed). Not only will users be able to create groups, but they’ll be able to discover new ones based on pages they’ve liked, which has the whiff of an unprofessional Linked In about it if you ask me. No doubt this has been implemented to make the mobile experience quicker, improve one of the most underused functions within the main app and up the Facebook brand app portfolio. It’ll be available on IOS and Android and won’t be compulsory, unlike Messenger.


Brands to follow


Many brands have taken to social like a duck to water but our favourites are as follows. 1. Nando’s Yes this is a bit of a stomach orientated choice, but Nando’s is a great company to like on Facebook. First thing’s first, their content is good quality and varied, reflecting their key brand messages and keeping their audience up to date i.e. they are adding value to their fans. Customer complaints are dealt with efficiently, with response times below 10 minutes in some cases. 2. Xbox Support The twitter account of Xbox support answers questions from gamers. A great example


We caught up with; Nicky Pope


Our ‘we caught up with’ series of blog posts will interview a variety of professionals; from social media managers to small business owners and more. This week we caught up with hairdressing industry expert and editor Nicky Pope, who runs a highly successful hairdressing magazine, blog and events business. My business: At IHAA Ltd we work at making the big world of professional hairdressing a bit smaller and better linked. Britain has a strong, healthy industry which is well regarded globally. We provide hairdressers and artistic teams for shows and seminars both here in the UK and now across Europe


Improve your event with social media; 5 tips

5 tips for social at your event

Want to integrate social media into your upcoming event? Here are 5 top tips to help you do it; 1. Purchasing through Facebook Create a Facebook app where people can buy tickets (we can build you one). A purchasing fan has clearly shown trust and value in your page, meaning they are more likely to engage once they are at the event. Make sure this feature is regularly talked about so customers have a clear place to respond to any CTA’s you’ve posted. 2. Put an advertising strategy in place Spend a bit of cash putting your event out there.


Promote my post or place a Facebook Ad?


A common question coming is “what’s the difference between a promoted post and a Facebook ad?” Both have their importance in a paid advertising plan and have their own qualities. A Facebook Ad: Allows you to communicate to anyone on Facebook. You must first tell Facebook what the goal of the advert is; Promote your page, send people to your website, install an app, raise event attendance and get video views are all options. From this point, you can target based on a wide variety of demographics including the obvious (gender, location) and the less obvious (relationship status, Education level).


Instagram update


Great news! Editing captions after posting a picture on Instagram is now 100% possibly. The caption is arguably as important as the photo itself especially from a brand perspective, so not having to delete and upload the photo again is such a welcome upgrade. A second update has been made to the explore function. You will see 2 tabs at the top, photos and people with the bottom icon turning to a magnifying glass. The photo tab replicates the old explore function, with the people page suggesting accounts to follow. This to me indicated there is behind the scenes development


Unfollowing just got easier


Facebook realised a rather handy update for those people who are friends with people but only because they have to be – which to be honest is pretty much everyone. You can now unfollow and refollow via a ‘Manage My Newsfeed’ option on the main menu. It is quite straight forward to be honest as you can see below. A nice idea. Well done Facebook.


5 Linked In starter tips


Linked In is a big deal for anyone in the world of business, especially for networking and job searching. With over 300 million active users, it is a definite must in your social media portfolio. So you are just starting out, here are 5 tips to get you going. 1. Have a photo I’d argue this is important for almost every social site but even more so with Linked In. Your profile is 11 times more likely to get viewed with a good photo and people need to see you to build up a business relationship. It is basic etiquette


Writing a social content plan


Content, content and more content. The new buzz word in marketing. You’ll see the word dished out like freebies at a trade show, but what does it mean in this context? Well put simply, a content plan for social media is what you are going to update your feeds with. This is the business end of your social media, where you add value to your fan base and are the messages you send out about your brand. Before you write your content plan you should be 100% clear on your goals. Do you want to generate traffic to a site?


‘Alex from Target’


If there ever was an example of social media power, this is definitely one of them. It is also proof teenagers with a smartphone can make anyone they find attractive a star – providing the other like minded teens agree. ‘Alex from Target’ was snapped on and tweeted by a teen user with #AlexFromTarget. The photo blossomed virally and trended worldwide, with some funny pictures and memes being tweeted – some a little creepy to be honest. It has become such big news, it made it onto the radio on my commute to work this morning. Amazing! His twitter account


Twitter jargon buster


To users that aren’t too familiar to Twitter, there are some words which are about as alien as E.T on a jet ski. With that in mind, here are the main terms explained: Twitter Feed/Twitter Stream: 9 times out of 10 this will refer to the feed of tweets you receive from everyone you follow, which will appear when you click home. I would suggest you need to follow about 300 people before your stream is of full value to you. Follower: This someone who has followed your Twitter account and will see your tweets on their Twitter Feed/Stream. Ultimately,


The others; Vine


Vine is essentially Twitters baby and has taken the social media world by storm. There are some impressive user statistics which include the most downloaded app from the App Store in April 2013 and a user base of over 40 million. But what exactly is it? Vine allows users to to record 6 second videos which are continually on a loop – each video is called a Vine. Like Twitter, you build a timeline of other peoples Vines by following them and you can Revine (retweet) and favourite other peoples Vines too. The short nature of the videos breeds some


Social horror stories!


Happy halloween! As timelines around the world become full of blood sucking vampires and nurses which wouldn’t look out of place on a Saw film set, we look at a particular horror story for one brand on social. Mcdonalds 2012 has to be one of the best organic horror stories of social I have come across. A lot of mistakes are down to an unhappy employee or a hacker. In this case though, the power of social shone in a less than ideal way for the fast food kings. To set the scene, Mcdonalds was promoting a couple of hash


How not to get sacked on social


It is becoming common place for companies to gift P45s to employees after activity on personal social media pages. Social is the eyes and ears of many businesses and negative employee remarks are arguably worse than a customers. To avoid any sticky situations with your employers, here are a few things to steer clear of; Speak negatively of your manager, colleagues or company Sounds obvious right? Whatever you do, do not write an update on how much your boss annoys you, how bored you get with a colleagues life stories or how bad it is that no one got a


3rd quarter


Facebook announced 3 billion dollar revenue over Q3 earlier this week, which is the first time the company has come in over 3 billion dollars over a quarter. It represents a 60% growth year on year. The headline act was given great back up by supporting ones too; 1.35 billion monthly active users and 864 million daily users are both above 13% year on year growth, with the mobile monthly active user base growing by nearly 40%. It is hardly surprising to see these figures on the rise with ever growing functionality and the big boys expect around 45% growth


Happy birthday to you…


Happy 3rd birthday Snap Chat (it’s a bit late, sorry about that). It has been a great rise to fame for the platform, who have some big brands taking a serious interest in the capabilities; Mcdonalds and Taco Bell to name a couple. Originally called Picaboo, the platform has gone from strength to strength, so much so Facebook tried to buy it, twice. Whilst 1 billion and 3 billion dollar offers sound great for most of us, the founders (Evan Spiegel and Bobby Murphy) thought otherwise. Greater men than I to turn down that kind of cash. The platform has


Cool little update from Facebook


The big boys have updated their platform. The update makes it easier for users to organise and post small batches of pictures via IOS and Android. The app will now give users a preview of how the images will look, to which they can then rearrange the order of the images. The maximum number of images you can select is 30 and you can captions, tags, locations and other bits and pieces directly from your smartphone. Facebook are looking to make more of a story out of pictures, rather than bulk uploading to a more traditional photo album. Photos uploaded


The others; Instagram


Probably the most famous ‘other’ social media site, the Facebook owned Instagram is taking the world by storm, one picture at a time. The best way I can describe Instagram is Twitter for pictures and seeing as Twitter are always telling us image tweets get more engagement, this platform should be great. Users can take pictures or upload previous ones to Instagram and follow their friends and/or celebrities to see their pictures too. You an also Instagram videos, which is significantly longer Vine, arguably it’s competitor. It has been reported on numerous sites that Instagram has an even split in


An old tradition


Has one of the first Twitter traditions gone? For the more recent joiners of Twitter who may not necessarily know what on earth #FF is, essentially #FF stands for Friday Follow. The idea was to help your new followers or favourite followers grow their twitter pages, by @ing them in the FF tweet. You would typically have 5 people with a ‘have a nice weekend’ style message. It became such a must in the Twitter world, I attended a social media 101 about 2 years ago which had a 10 minute section just on #FF! It was just good manners


What are they doing there?


As you take a look around our blog, you may notice we like social images which are in places you wouldn’t expect to find them. The Pinterest bag or the Twitter bird on wood are great examples of this. So here are a collection of social icons that have caught our eye on our travels around the world wide web.  


A man of many talents


Despite his brain child being banned in China, Mark Zuckerberg has been in Beijing recently and stunned the crowd. The founder of Facebook delivered a 30 minute Q and A session in Manadrin. He was discussing plans for his brain child in China, which has been banned since 2009. According to the guardian, he only knows the language as his wife is Chinese, but isn’t a great fan of the language.


Goodbye Nokia


Microsoft recently announced the Nokia brand will be no more. The tech giant plans to brand all phones moving forward as Microsoft phones, for example the Microsoft Lumia. This is a sad day, well for me anyway. A massive part of my early experience of the mobile phone was on a Nokia of some description but at least the company is going peacefully (unlike Woolworths and Blockbuster who appeared to crumble into the abyss). So what did Nokia do well? World domination in the late 90’s? Perhaps. Consistently producing cheap handsets? Yes. The 3210? That is mobile royalty! All these great


Come and join us!


** HEY ADVERTISING NINJA, LOOKING FOR A CAREER?** We are recruiting for a SOCIAL PPC MANAGER … is that you? Then read on…. BRIEF: The Campaign Manager will be responsible for Social PPC campaigns on Facebook and other Social Networks. The successful candidate will need to be able to create, target and monitor adverts for a variety of niches and campaigns. SALARY: £35,000 – £60,000 Per Annum FULL JOB DESCRIPTION: http://j.mp/PPC-Ninja Interested? (Why wouldn’t you be?) Get in touch! Send your CV, Covering Letter and Examples of previous work to: recruitment@inchora.com Use the subject line: “I’m an ad ninja, hire


RKO! From outta nowhere


I appreciate this is largely generation based humour, but these RKO videos are wonderfully funny. I may have spent far too many work hours watching these, woops!


Facebook to the rescue?


Facebook wants to know if you are ok? But in a good way, with the new feature ‘Safety Check’. In a nutshell, Facebook will send you a message if you are near a natural disaster to ask if you are ok and will then tell your family that you are (providing you click i’m ok of cause). I won’t lie i saw this feature and thought here we go, a PR stunt through a functionality that will never get used properly. Until I spoke to my colleagues who raised some good points about this feature; Martyn ‘I think we might underestimate


5 things to avoid on Twitter


Many of us think of Twitter as a magical land full of hash tags and trending stories which enlighten our everyday routines. Funny content, news stories, business updates or a local police force sharing a funny crime, it really has the lot. Many businesses are making some key mistakes and going against what I would describe as Twitter etiquette. Here are a few things the team have noticed on our travels which don’t exactly make us too please; Too many hash tags #SomePeoplePut #SoMany #HashTags #InTheirTweets #ThatYouStruggleToSeeTheSubject of the tweet itself. Quite simply, it’s annoying and not great practice to follow. Hash


Dealing with Customer Complaints on Social

Customer Complaints

Customers are increasingly using social media to voice their frustrations about companies and their products and services. If you haven’t come across this before, i’d suggest having a look at Vodafones UK Help Twitter feed. Some customers may go directly to social to complain however it’s more common to see customers who have tried traditional methods of complaining and failed. Often these can be the most frustrated customers or those who feel they have been let down by the brand, making it even more crucial your responses are done in the right way. So what can you do to be


Tools of the trade


Social bump was built to fill an important gap in the market. There were plenty of platforms that will schedule posts to your fanpages, but none of them had all the tools you needed to truly manage them. Our company owns and operates more than 10 million fans across over 100 fan pages and it used to be to impossible to truly give each page the attention it needed to blossom and grow. That’s where social bump came in. We can now schedule entire weeks worth of posts in just minutes. We can scientifically collect and post the best content


Should retail businesses run hub and spoke systems?


What’s a hub and spoke system you ask? Quite simply, it’s where individual arms of the company have their own social media streams (the spokes) as well as operating a central page representing the overall brand (the hub). Many businesses are operating this system including Grosvenor Casinos. You will find each casino has their own Facebook and Twitter which is operated by the teams in each casino, while the central hub page is managed by the social media manager at head office. The main benefit I see here is customer retention. Customers will appreciate the local nature of the page and


The others; Pinterest


Watch our for our blog posts which review the other social media sites other than Facebook, Twitter, Linked In and Youtube. There is so much out there and maybe you are missing a trick. We start this week with Pinterest. Pinterest essentially is a place to share and organise images which you particularly enjoy or find useful. When you share this image, it becomes a Pin which are assigned to boards, which are themed. You can create boards surrounding any subject. Each Pin can be commented on. What’s great about all this, is you can see your friends Pins and follow them,


5 Tips for managing social media as an SME

Tips for Managing

Social Media. A part of your marketing efforts which in turn forms a rather small but important part of your overall time to keep your business running smoothly and efficiently. Whilst a traditional piece of advertising has clear project start and end times, social is an ongoing marketing tool, which has no end time and is constantly out there to current or potential customers, as well as other stakeholders of the business. We all know managing time is extremely important and these tips below will help you fit social media effectively into your busy schedule. Utilise your team There is a theme