4 ways to get amazing results on Pinterest in just minutes a day!


For many people time on Pinterest is time well spent, hours can be spent browsing hundreds of boards. Whether you know what you’re looking for or just want to get lost in the flow of creativity. Pinterest is perfect for whiling away the hours but from a marketing perspective it can be tough to dedicate the right amount of time to the network. If you feel like Pinterest is taking up too much time, then you need to try these 5 ways to get amazing results on Pinterest in just minutes a day!


The 3 video styles you have to master to succeed on Vine!


The actual Vine app may not be as popular as it once was but the 6-second medium that it created is still thriving like never before. It has been accepted by all forms of social media, not just it’s mother-ship Twitter. Even if your presence on the app isn’t as prominent as other social outlets you should still be using it to generate content for marketing purposes.


4 tips to help you launch your product using Facebook!


Gone are the days of launching a product simply by unveiling the product in front of your store to a small crowd of people. A ribbon and giant pair of scissors are no long needed, what is required is the ability to create a buzz and get the word out to the right people and Facebook is the perfect place to do it. In order to generate the hype your require your product launch has to planned in detail, with plenty of thought and good content. To help you do this Facebook has tons of tools that will make your product


4 steps you have to take to develop a successful LinkedIn content strategy!


Whether you are new to using LinkedIn or have been on the site for years, as a business it is so important to have a strong a detailed content strategy in order to maximize the exposure of your content on LinkedIn! If you’ve not thought this through or if your current approach just isn’t working then here are 4 steps you have to take to develop a successful LinkedIn content strategy!


5 apps that will make you appear funnier on social media!


Social media is now full of more banter and funny pages then ever before and it seems that in order to get a head in the industry you have to be full of witty one liners, memes and sarcastic remarks. Even if your brand is selling something completely unfunny, you still need to put a humorous twist on what you’ve got to sell in order to generate and sort of attention. But how do you go about flexing your funny bone? We may have something to help.


5 Simple Twitter Marketing Tips to Improve Your Results!

Twitter results

If you are looking at ways to improve your Twitter marketing then are very simple things you may have missed. Even Twitter pros can be missing out on perfect engagement opportunities because they have failed to optimize Twitter’s basic features. We won’t let that happen to you, we have 5 simple twitter Marketing tips to improve your results!


4 Ways To Succeed With Pinterest Promoted Pins

Promoted Pins

If you want drive more traffic to your website through Pinterest you should really consider using promoted pins. It can help you reach more people and drive better results to your site. Here are 4 ways to succeed if you start using promoted pins on Pinterest.


3 easy ways to grow your Facebook fans without a budget!

Grow Facebook With No Audience

If you run or work for a small business and want to get more Facebook likes without spending big money you may feel like you are stuck. Your page is full of good content, posted regularly that hits your target audience perfectly but your Facebook community is static what can you do without taking out costly Facebook ads? Here is the answer!


Celebrate everyday and let content create itself!


Searching for content can cost your business a lot of time and money. Whether it’s browsing Reddit to find what the kids are chatting about or searching Facebook and Twitter trying to hop on the latest viral trend, time and effort and therefore money is being pushed searching the endless chasm of internet.


The 4 things your business must do on Tumblr!


Tumblr is no longer just for bloggers. If you are really serious about running a thorough social media strategy which covers all the basis then Tumblr needs to be an arm you really explore. If you have feared using the teen orientated website before you shouldn’t any longer. 420 million people now use the platform with over 900 posts generated every second.


5 ways to use Snapchat to show off your business!


As we have seen the growth of Snapchat, more and more companies are jumping on the bandwagon and embracing the 10 second wonder. It seems to have got the creative juices flowing of marketers everywhere and has now been picked up by big brands as way to grow a more personal relationship with their audiences. Snapchat is a once in a generation outlet and you would be silly not to use it. Here are just 5 ways to use Snapchat to show off your business!


Instagram’s website just got a whole lot better with new search feature


Despite being primarily a mobile and tablet app, Instagram has finally started to improve its desktop format by adding the recently overhauled search feature.The new search will allow web users to search for specific accounts, hashtags and locations easier than ever before.


5 creative ways to improve your Twitter marketing!


There a countless number of Twitter accounts that simply just post ‘funny’ memes and bitly links of your products, then you are probably not using Twitter to it’s full potential. Audiences, especially online audiences are so used to the format that has been set out, (we give you one piece of content then we try to sell you something) that even the most unsavvy user will spot it a mile off and go running.


5 tips to help your brand inspire and engage on Instagram


Instagram is almost the perfect platform for any brand because of it’s easy to use nature and focus on visuals. There is almost know way you can have a social media fail on Instagram and bring negative press for your business. The nature of Instagram success comes not from just simply having a page and having followers but being able to go above and beyond that and engage and inspire your audience. Many people simply let their brands Instagram page float along but by following these 5 simple tips you can achieve the same sort of Instagram success as those with the


4 LinkedIn tips for women!


There are more powerful women in business then ever before, one in five FTSE 100 business have women sitting on their boards however there is still a long way to go before it is truly equal. LinkedIn is great way for you to get yourself noticed by employers and other businesses but unfortunately it is the only major social network to be dominated by men, so what can women do to try and fight this and make more of an impact on LinkedIn?


6 ways Pinterest can help your small business grow!


Pinterest is huge right now, like unbelievably so. The social site drives more traffic to websites than Twitter, YouTube, Tumblr and almost all others. It has become a huge favourite for customers looking for the latest trends, tips and content. As a small business owner, it is so important to come across as personal and friendly and Pinterest is perfect for doing this. Here are 6 ways that you can grow you business and more importantly your business’s reputation.


3 ways Twitter can make your business life easier

3 ways Twitter can make your business life easier

Once upon a time social media was meant to make your life easier and increase what your business can do and who can see it, but then cat videos, memes and procrastinating kind of got in the way of productivity. Now it’s time to take back control and we’re here to help, we’ve got 3 helpful ways Twitter can make life easier for your business!


Don’t let Snapchat limit your creativity!

Don't let Snapchat Limit Your Creatiivity

Snapchat has always been about limits. How long you can see a snap, how many times you can see it and how much you can write in each one. In a system designed to tease and keep people engaged in the app, the limits imposed by Snapchat have done nothing but increase its popularity. There is however a sneaky way to get around Snapchats enforced character limit.


Why it’s time to get on Vine

Why it's time to get on Vine

Despite being around for just over two years, short-form video sharing service Vine has been horrendously underused by brands, instead it has almost exclusively been the home and launch pad for many teen ‘vine famous’ stars. You may at times struggle to fight to get to the popular page but if done correctly Vine is an untapped resource of potential.


Boring topics shouldn’t produce boring content.

How to make boring articles not boring

You just want to say what everyone else is thinking, the topic you are writing about is dull. Dull as dishwater, dull as that simile. When given the task of writing content for your business, finding inspiration for tedious topics can be difficult. Not all sectors are glamorous. Not every content writer gets the opportunity to write about globally interesting topics like fashion, travel or lifestyle. Industries that lend themselves more easily to metaphor, descriptive language and engaging topics. Sometimes you have to sit down at your keyboard and knock up five hundred words on something that no one outside


Ten of the best Facebook apps you’ve probably never heard of

Ten of the best Facebook apps you’ve probably never heard of

Almost all of us at some time or another have quite frankly lost our rag at the seemingly never ending stream of Candy Crush and Farmville invites, but many people may not know that there is a whole world of Facebook apps out there.


6 Ways to Improve Your Personal Brand on LinkedIn

Your Personal Brand on LinkedIn

It is an incredibly tough job market out there, so making sure you have the best possible personal brand will help you sell yourself to employers. Your personal brand is simply you. How you act, how you work, what are your skills and attributes, how do you behave? Making sure that these questions are properly answered is the key to selling yourself. Using LinkedIn you have the opportunity to create and present this brand to thousands of people, so here are 6 ways to improve your personal brand on LinkedIn.


How to build a successful Facebook page for your new business.

Setting up a Facebook Page

When you have created your new business and you know what product or service you are selling, you need to know how to market what you have to offer. The first step you should take is to set up a Facebook page. You will have an audience (47% of all internet users have a Facebook account) who you can target and appeal to. This is an obvious first step to advertising your new business but very few people do it properly. Why waste such an engaged revenue stream? Follow these few tips below and before you know it you will


3 Ways To Make Pinterest Work For Your Business

Pinterest Tips

When you’re finished looking at all the pretty vintage dresses and DIY hacks, take a moment to see how you can make Pinterest a tool to grow your business. Follow the few simple tips below, to discover how Pinterest can help you get your products and services seen by new and engaged customers.


Has Facebook’s new search feature got Google scared?

Facebook Search

Facebook has thrown its hat into the search engine ring, going toe to toe with giants Google. Over the past few weeks, Facebook has been testing out its own in app search engine in an effort to keep its audiences contained within their sphere of influence