Could you be denied a loan due your Facebook friends?


There’s an old saying that a man (or woman) is known by the company they keep. Well that quasi-philosophical quote is getting a web 2.0 makeover! Facebook are looking to roll out a new tool that judges whether you’re loan-worthy based on your mates.


Why you need to understand the social networks you’re using


This morning I felt a great disturbance on the web, as if a millions of voices suddenly cried out in terror and were suddenly silenced. I fear something terrible has happened. Social media managers everywhere found a great source of user generated content was gone. Yes, Reddit has gone dark. Here’s what social media managers can learn from disaster.


50 Shades Twitter Q&A Backfires

50 Shades of Q&A

On Monday E L James, author of the highly acclaimed hugely popular 50 Shades series, held a Twitter Q&A. Hilarity follows, so lets have a look, a laugh, and maybe even learn something about the way Twitter marketing works.


Will Facebook increase voter turnout in UK elections?


Facebook will launch an “I’m a Voter” button on Thursday. Without giving away who they voted for users will be able to announce that they have taken part in the democratic process. Facebook believes this will increase voter turnout in what it has described as the UK’s first ‘conversational election.’ They revealed that the most-discussed election topic on the social network is now the economy. Between January and May there were 4.5 million interactions related to the economy. Europe and immigration is now the second most-talked about topic in the country, health is third.  


Celebrating the Tweets of Jaden Smith

Jaden Smiths Best Tweets

As the shocking news that Jaden Smith has quit Twitter reverberates around the world we here at Beautifully Social refuse to mourn the loss of the great philosopher. Instead we choose to celebrate his Twitter-life by providing some of his greatest insights on the human condition.


Make a GIF in Just 3 Easy Steps

Make A GIF

Spend more than ten minutes online and you’ll come across a GIF. They’re the base on which Buzzfeed listicles are built and the bread and butter of comment section humour. If you’ve ever thought “hey that moving image is great and I’d love to make my own” then you are in luck, because that’s exactly what this post is for. That’s right, you’re going to find out how to make a GIF in three really easy steps.


A Storm in a Beer Bottle

Storm in a Beer Bottle

Bud Light have been forced to apologise after causing controversy on Twitter with their ‘Up for Whatever’ campaign. The campaign was supposed to be a rallying point for fun but a misguided tagline turned it into a Twitter storm.


Periscope Vs. Meerkat – ‘What?’, ‘Why?’, and ‘Which is Winning?’

Meerkat Vs. Periscope - The Livecasting War

Recently two new additions to the ever growing plethora of social apps have been grabbing the headlines (in the right sections of the right websites anyway!) – Meerkat and Periscope. But just what are they? What do they do? And why did they both appear at the same time?


The Two Ways to Grow Your Network on LinkedIn

Two sure fire ways to grow your network on LinkedIn

You need to promote yourself as well as your brand or company and for that LinkedIn can be invaluable. There are loads of great tools to help you grow your network – here are the two most important factors for making sure you get the best out of them and successfully network on LinkedIn.


Four factors that WILL affect the delivery of your Facebook ads

Four Factors that WILL Affect the Delivery of your Facebook ads

Not all ads are created equal… but let’s pretend that they are. Just for now all ads have an equal ‘quality’ for image and copy. What’s left to affect the delivery of your Facebook ads? Well, these four factors.   Delivery fatigue It doesn’t matter how great your ad is, if you run it for too long people will stop engaging. ‘Frequency’ measures how often people have seen your ad, as this increases positive feedback on your ads will go down and people may even start hiding it from their timelines.   De-duplication Facebook have set limits on how many


Instagram Launches New App – Layout

Instagram's NEW App - Layouts

Hats off to Instagram – they noticed a trend on their network and have created their own app to support it. In this case, users were using third-party apps to create collages of their photos before posting them. Now users will be able to create these pictures grids using Layout.


Marketing on Snapchat

Why you should be marketing on Snapchat

Snapchat has been showing promise for social marketers for some time, but with the introduction of Snapchat Discover it’s clear you need to be on there if you’re marketing at under 25’s.


SEO is dead! Long live UXO!

SEO is dead! Long live UXO!

It used to be all about the keywords, links and the quality of the content… as long as the content was stuffed with keywords! That was SEO, or Search Engine Optimisation, but now that’s dead or dying (depending who you ask). Now if you want to do well it’s all about optimising the user experience – UXO. So what is UXO?


Marketing to Millennials

Marketing to Millennials

If you’re trying to get to an audience aged under 25 then social media is an obvious route to go. Want to know why? Want to know how? Lets take a look.


Why you’re about to lose Facebook likes

Why you'll be losing Likes on Facebook

Facebook has announced that there is a coming drop in the amount of likes most pages have. Don’t worry though, the reason behind it makes sense and will actually benefit your page in the long term.


Twitter: The Basics

Twitter Basics

This is a truly beginners guide to Twitter, the fundamentals if you will. Even if you’re not marketing on Twitter this guide will still help you use and understand it. We’ve already looked at the history of the hashtag but here you’ll find out how to use one, as well as just what a RT is, who see’s an @ post and more.


Hashtag history #explained


The hashtag. ‘#’. You’ve probably used one. Maybe to promote a product or brand, maybe to show excitement or emphasize something. But have you ever wondered why you were using it? Do you even know what a ‘#’ is called? What did you even call ‘#’ when you just read it? Lets have a look into the symbols odd history.


What can David Cameron teach us about using Calls-To-Action?

David Cameron on Facebook

Calls-To-Action can be very useful for increases engagement online, and we’ve talked before about how to use them to great effect, but sometimes they can go wrong. Today we’ll take a look at a post by David Cameron and how his Call-To-Action went wrong.


Finding inspiration online (for work and life)


Working with social media requires many different skills and qualities – one of those is definitely creativity. Now depending on your specific role the amount and type of creativity will differ, but I would think that 99% of us have had to whip up images on photoshop, think of snappy title, write articles, plan and execute content plans, tweet or post on Facebook. So how do you feed this creativity?


YouTube for kids is here

YouTube for kids

Hot on the heels of Vine For Kids comes YouTube Kids, an app specifically built to be safe for kids to use unsupervised. It removes the not-so-kid-friendly parts of YouTube, and makes only educational shows, music and cartoons available for viewing.


What do broken windows have to do with social media?


In 1982 social scientists James Wilson and George Kelling introduced a criminological theory called The Broken Windows Theory. Today we’ll be applying this theory to managing social media accounts and figuring out what broken windows have to do with social media.


A handy Facebook Insights tip

Facebook Insights Top Tip

Here at Beautifully Social we love Facebook Audience Insights. So many of our, well, insights are found there. We have found one little problem though, but we’ve also found the solution… and it’s still provided by Facebook!


Pester power on Vine for Kids?

Vine for kids is here

Twitter has launched a new version of its hugely popular Vine app just for children. It features a feed of ‘hand chosen’ six-second loops being held up by adorable animated characters. There’s a promise to filter out all inappropriate content but what about ads?


The best ads that used #WhatIsLoveIn4Words

WhatIsLove Twitter Trend

Trending topics on Twitter can be a great way to find fantastic content, keep up with breaking news or keep up with the latest antics of the One Direction boys… They can also be a brilliant chance to jump right a conversation and show-off your brand. If your content is relevant and high quality a trending topic can be a great opportunity. #WhatIsLoveIn4Words was one such opportunity and here are some of our favorites.


A look at #ReplaceAMovieTitleWithGoat


Working with social media really is a pleasure. The combination of logical and creative thinking makes every day as interesting as it is challenging, and keeping up to date with the latest trends and developments is exciting. Also, things like this are regularly popping up on your screen…


Three Facebook Call-To-Action tips. Read it now!


The Call-To-Action (CTA) is arguably the most important piece of a Facebook Ad and so you have to nail it. Simply, the CTA is what convinces people to click you ad. It’s the ‘Follow Us’, the ‘Read It Now!’ and the ‘Buy Now’.


How to create a successful social media competition


Competitions can be used to increase engagement, follower numbers and brand loyalty across your social networks. These are three things we love to see increasing! We’ve been thinking about how to get the best out of social competitions and have decided on five key factors for success.


Fake profiles are bad for business

Fake profiles are bad for business

Fake profiles are bad for business. It’s a simple rule that just has to be remembered. It’s easy to see how business owners and marketers could be tempted by upping Fans or Likes with fakes, numbers look good right? You’re already tempted, but you have to remember the rule!


Facebook warriors are on the way

Army on Facebook

We’ve known for ages that social media is a great weapon for marketing, now it looks like the British army is going to use it as a weapon of war. A special force of Facebook warriors will use social media to engage in unconventional warfare across the globe.


Anonymous are now targeting ISIS social accounts

Anonymous take on ISIS

In an effort to stop ‘terrorist propaganda’ hacktivist collective Anonymous are engaging in a cyber-offensive against Islamic State, also known as ISIS. ISIS have a strong online presence and despite their backward ideology are adept with social media with accounts on Twitter, Instagram, YouTube and Facebook.


What does the Google-Twitter deal mean for marketers?


Thanks to a new deal between Google and Twitter tweets will become visible in Google’s search results as soon as they’re posted. Basically, the deal gives Google automatic access to the stream of content being poured out by Twitters 284 million users. Here are 3 things you need to know as a marketer.


Four ways you can use social media to gather email addresses


OK, so email may not be as cool and sexy as the new kids on the block but it’s still a force to be reckoned with and can be used to great effect alongside your social media accounts. I’m sure you don’t need persuading of that, but if you did consider this…


Multi-product ads now available on Facebook


Multi-product ads are now available in Facebook Power Editor. They were introduced way back in June on Facebook for business and now they’re here as a usable part of your social marketing arsenal. Here’s what you can now do.


Dealing with negativity online


Part of the joy of social is that it’s a conversation between you and your audience, an opportunity to not just talk but to listen as well. Of course this come with a little bit of risk, namely the chance for negative comments to find their way to you and your pages. However, if handled well an unhappy customer can easily be turned around (and even turned into a brand ambassador) and a negative situation into a positive one for all involved.


Who won the Super Bowl? The Top Ten ads of this years event!

Super Bowl

In case you missed it the Super Bowl just happened, and if you’re not interested in the sporting side of things we’re sure you’ll be interested in the social marketing side. So who were the big winners and losers of the Superbowl this year? And no, we’re not talking about the Patriots or the Seahawks!


Three things you probably didn’t know about linkbait that will blow your mind…


Or, what the Facebook sharing of Buzzfeed articles can teach us about content. We’ve really enjoyed the findings of Max Woolf who has delved into the dark heart of Clickbait and Linkbait and surfaced with some very interesting data about how BuzzFeed articles get shared on Facebook. Here’s 3 of our favourite factoids…


Three fantastic Vine videos


Earlier this week we talked about why it’s a great idea to try out different social networks and find the one that works best for you. Since then we’ve spent a lot of time on Vine and have seen so much awesome creativity that we simply have to share it. These are great examples of just how much you can do in six seconds (well, six-and-a-half to be exact) and will get your creative juices flowing.


2015 – The year of video


You probably don’t need us to tell you that video was huge in 2014 and is only going to get bigger. Already boasting a 75% increase in video posts and an impressive 1 billion video views to users every day Facebook wants to be our video streaming service of choice in 2015. Furthering this aim the social giant acquired QuickFire Networks for its technology supporting high quality videos that don’t use up loads of bandwidth. This year will see them and YouTube battling it out for video supremacy. There is of course much more to video online than YouTube and


Facebook goes down (for 40 minutes)


This morning from 6:10am GMT Facebook was down for 40 minutes, its longest downtime in over four years. Obviously pandemonium followed as many were left unable to comment, like or share over their morning coffee.


Four reasons you should be on more than just Facebook and Twitter


So you know it’s time to get a little wiser with social, maybe you’ve got a Facebook page and maybe a Twitter account too. That’s great. But did you know there are loads of other great networks you can be tapping into? Here are 4 reasons why you should take a look…